Fifth edition is now larger than fourth

Fourth edition had 23 books published for it during its run (including the parma fabula insert and Black Monks but not counting the WoTC "fourth edition" material). With Legends of Hermes fifth edition now has 24. Fifth has been the most complete for a few years, now its the largest as well. Fourth edition was published in 1996 and lasted into 2004, a bit less than eight years. Fifth edition started in 2004 a bit less than seven years. Bravo Atlas, David, authors, and play testers for keeping the game running so well.

Indeed. Congratulations!

is it too early to order 5.5 then? :mrgreen:

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What I like about this game?

The lack of a need for a 6th edition. Really just a 5.5 or "5 Revised".

Since this thread has already been hijacked into a future-version-like discussion...

I like 5th edition, except that many of the rules are well hidden. There's quite a lot that is obscure and with all the additional source material from various books some things could do with clarification or similar.

Instead of a 6th edition I'd love to see a 5.? book that re-presents the core rules. Things like a definitive on familiar xp gain, ensuring player awareness of the target/Target situation and integrating some of the 'big ticket' items into the core rules: better examples of different aura strengths from RoPs, the 'how to make a beast / how to make a shapeshifter' rules currently nestled in HoH:MC, some reworked blurb text about each house now they've got much better definition, etc.

Of course there's always the 'how much market?' question with stuff like this. Ars Magica is a fairly niche game in what is already a niche hobby.

I have to agree.

I would also buy a 5.5 edition that would ease the rules manipulation (same scale for all numbers, streamlined mechanics, etc.).

Consider me another +1 for this. I think a "5E Revised" would be a big seller in a few years.

Including advice or pre-packed options for the usual dilemmas:

  • pink dot
  • wards
  • 100 sample foci (focuses rhymes with crocuses)

I'd buy it, but I also like it the way it is.

I'd settle for just a Rules Compendium that reprints all the spell guidelines and whatnot that have been scattered in the various supplements over the years. Even if you have most of the books (and who has all of the books?) it's damn near impossible to find specific rules when you need them. If you don't have most of the books, then the new releases are useless to you since they reference so much past material.

I wouldn't buy a 6th edition though. Fifth edition rules work for me and I have way too much time and money invested to even consider buying new sets of realms of power, tribunal books, etc.

A Rules compendium/5th Ed Revised?

Edited to add: To go for a full on 6th edition, I'd have to be very very impressed to rebuy alot of the same books over again. I think a revised edition/compendium edition would go over well.

When I said Rules Compendium I had in mind a book of its own. A 5.5th edition rulebook with everything in one place has its attractions but I'm afraid it would be huge and would also lock in all the complexity, making things even harder for beginners. I'd probably buy one anyway though.

I would get a 6th edition if the setting was substantially different. Five iterations of the same basic Order of Hermes set around the turn of the 13th century are enough for me though.

No one official is (officially) talking about a 6th edition. Or, at least, haven't on these boards afaik.

What people (not editors, just "people") have suggested is a "5.5" edition or supplement that would be, in essence, a large "errata" type clarification of all the little things (and the few bigger) that players have for the most part agreed need to be addressed/clarified/whatever.

And since no official comment as been issued on that point, whether that would take the form of a "supplement" or a "corrected" 5.1 book is pure speculation based on more speculation at this point. :wink:

More than a 6th edition, I guess a 5b, keeping all background information but providing an other (better ? simpler ? quicker ? more medieval ?) rules system would interest many people. It could be a pleasant alternative to a 5.1 rules compendium.

+1. (since this thread is transformed into a poll thread about a 5.1 or 5.5 edition.)