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I was wondering myself where, in Belgium (Brussels is better), can I find a store selling the last Ars Magica books? I'm thinking about ROP Faerie and Hedge Magic overall.

Online PDF... yeah [i've found the link on atlas website]... but it's not the same thing ;(

I don't know about stores in Belgium, but generally any game store I've found in the U.S. will be happy to order products that they don't have on the shelf. It may take a while, for international orders.

I don't know for Belgium, but here in France, some online store have ArM books to sell. Maybe shipping fee are too high, I don't know. You can search for Troll Games for example.

Another way to do is buying on the USA. Shipping is around 17$ to France, it must be quite the same for Belgium.

I advise you to try Gameslore. I live in France and I have never had a problem with them:

  • delivery in less than a week
  • cheap prices for books
  • low shipping fees

Speaking as someone whose local game store went out of business two weeks ago, I'd encourage you to ask at a store if there is one near you. Online sales are killing local retailers. Buy from the store that is the gaming center of your community, or before you know it, it will be gone. :cry:

Hi. I'm in Belgium and I get my Ars books from a store in Liège. They usually have some of the books in stock. Last time I've been there, RoP: Faerie and Ancient Magic were on the shelves. Otherwise, they can order ArM books and receive them within 2 weeks. (I don't remember having to wait longer.) There isn't any additional shipping fee. The name of the store is "L'Autre Monde", I can give you the adress if you're interested. But I guess rpg stores in Brussels can offer the same service. Anyway, nice to see a fellow Ars player in Belgium !

NB : i just ordered Tales of Mythic Europe from them, so I guess they will send an order to the Ars distributor soon, in case that's useful...

(and sorry for my bad english...)

Thank you!

L'autre monde. I remember a member of my troupe talking about it no far of the ULB where i had (argh, need to talk at the past ^^) the habit to go.

I have forgotten that!

edit: LOL. It was "l'antre jeux" they talked to me, not l'autre monde.

Yep, I've heard about it, they used to organize a convention at ULB, I went once. I guess they can easily have the ArM books too, looked like a big enough store.
Good luck !

In fact, i have found my happiness in Dedale near Merode station.

Quite happy :slight_smile: