Finding Ars Magica Games or Players

After the perils of moving house I have carried out another update on the Ars Magica saga finder page at

This is a free resource created by me to help put Ars Magica players in touch with games, and vice versa. If your nation is not currntly listed i will add it, and we have Storyguides seeking players and players seeking games from all over Europe and North America so far, but need a few Canadians! :slight_smile:

If you'd like to advertise or if you wish your entry changing, removing, or would like to write to me I can be reached at

Hope it proves of use to somebody. I have added games to the sections for Germany (and modified one now full) and also the USA in this update. The update will continue for at least 24 hours as people respond so keep checking back. :slight_smile:

I did notice a while back a few people posting to the Berklist looking for players, but did not have time to respond. If they are still interested please do write to me!

Once again, my e-mail is

cj x

Salve Sodales,

I would remind you that the Liber Amicorum at SHR also provides resources for finding Ars Magica groups and players. It's at:

Those pages look like they cater specifically for tabletop roleplaying.

Are there any sites which feature listings for games/players interested in play-by-email?

I'll cross post this from the berk list but I urge you to go look at the saga description before jumping in.

The game is to a great extent about competitive lab work. I expect to see characters come out of it who don't look too different from the sort of extreme examples that we often see on this list in heated game mechanics threads.

Salve Sodales,

Just for the record, we're happy to list PBEM sagas at the Liber Amicorum. No-one's asked us to do so yet!