Finding Taliesin

One of my players is playing a Maestro Mythic Companion (a magical troubadour, from Arts and Academe). In order to improve her skills, she wants her character to engage in a big quest to find a mythic bard and learn from him. That bard is Taliesin.

I know almost nothing about Taliesin, and made some easy research on wikipedia to see what quest and adventures I could propose her. However I would be grateful if you could point at some useful web resource on that bard, or give me story seeds I could use for my player, or explain me any canon background information for Taliesin (I do not have Heirs to Merlin and could not check if he is referenced in that book).



I found this on Google. It may be of some help.

Here is my thought on the matter:

We know (he's in the appendix of The Mysteries: Revised Edition) that Aneirin the Bard is a Daimon. From a quick glance at wikipedia to see if they were related somehow, I find that they were supposedly contemporaries of each other, and were (with a few others) grouped together among a handful of poets of great renown.

So! There is a good chance he is a daimon, in Ars Magica, and very likely with similar stats as well.

It follow from that, then, that finding him should entail a quest through the Magic Realm and a journey through the Twilight Void. This will require finding a way to enter the Magic Realm, probably through a particular regio, and then finding someone in the Realm that can serve as a guide through the Void to the bard's current home.

Much adventure could happen on the way to that place, and, prior, while trying to gather that information to begin with.

This looks like a great idea. Thanks! :slight_smile: