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Ginger, Captain of the Swan
Ginger is the daughter of the turb admiral of the covenant Ingasia on the island of Lemnos. She is a stunning beauty who has inherited her long red hair from her mother’s side. She has spent most of her childhood at the covenant or onboard her father’s ship, but has seen enough to know that it is not the normal world. At the covenant, she has seen women wield power, and has started to question woman’s role in medieval society. She still believes that women shouldn’t carry swords.
She has worked very hard to become a captain. Taking the apprentices to the ceremony is one of her first missions. She’s eager to show that she’s more than a daughter.

Characteristics: Int +2, Per+0, Pre+3, Com+0, Str +0, Sta +1, Dex+0, Qik+0
Size: -1
Age: 22(22)
Decreptitude: 0
Warping Score: 0(0)
Virtues and Flaws: Custos; Ways of the Sea; Educated, Improved Characteristics, Perfect Balance, Puissant Leadership, Puissant Profession Sailor, Venus Blessing; Ambitious (Major), Curse of Venus; Ability Block Martial, Oversensitive to disrespect, Small frame, Social handicap -1 (female: anyone but the crew)
Personality traits: Brave+2, stubborn+2, bitch+2
Repuations: none
Dagger Init+0, Attack+6 Defense+4 Damage+3
Fist Init+0 Attack+3 Defense+3 Damage+0
Soak: +1
Fatigue levels: -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound levels: -1 (1-4), -3 (5-8), -5 (9-12), Incapacitated (13-16)
Abilities: Area Lore (Aegean) 3, Artes Liberales 4 (Astronomy), Athletics (climbing) 2, Awareness (horizon) 3, Bargain (ports) 3, Brawl (dagger) 3, Carousing (sailors) 3, Charm (sailors) 1, Folk Ken (sailors) 1, Greek (sailors) 5, Leadership 4+2, Order of Hermes Lore (magi) 1, Profession Sailor 4+2, Survival (island) 2, Swim (dive) 1
Equipment: Men's Clothes (Women's Clothes in captain's chest), boots, 2 daggers (one hidden in boot)
Encumbrance: 0(0)

Edited to add: Com+0

Name : Aurore
Age: 24
Quick Overview
Aurore is the sister of Argyros. She left her parents after they sold Argyros to the covenant as she could not bear being separated from him. As first she wandered around the covenant. She started to help the covenfolks, made some errands for them, and eventually, as she was quite common and forgotable, was soon employed as a snitch and then a spy. By doing that she was able to stay inside the covenant and be with her brother.
As she grew up, more and more spying mission were near other covenants or wizards, so she was teached some basics (latin, arte liberales). She really likes magic, it's kind of an addiction (who said like her brother !!) as she sometimes takes too many risks on those missions in order to get some souvenirs, or gaining more knowledge about magic.
She is doing everything she can in order to help his brother being respected or having some advantages over the other magus. She goes often too far, spying on other apprentices or covenfolks.

For 0 / Dex 1 / Qui 2 / Sta -1 / Int 0 / Pre 2 / Com 1

Virtues: Covenfolk, Keen Vision, Sharp Ears, Lightning Reflexes, Puissant Awareness, Forgettable Face, Educated
Flaws: Small Frame, Driven -Major-(Wants her brother to shine within the order), Suceptible to warping, Magical fascination

Greek 5 ()
Brawl (dagger) 3
Awareness 4 (alertness)
Stealh 4 (following people)
Swim 2 (diving)
Latin 4 (hermetic terms) (Educated)
Magic Lore 1 (regiones)
Order of Hermes Lore 2 (politics)
Folk Ken 2 (magi)
Etiquette 2 (church)
Ride 2 (speed)
Survival 2 (urban)
Guile 3 (31) (fast talk)
Athletics 3 (running)
Intrigue 3 (gossip)
Chirurgy 2 (binding wounds)
Infernal Lore 1 (possessed people)

Lots of clothes for deguisment. Farmer, beager, maid etc.
Quilted clothes, dagger for combat
Initiative : 2+0 =2
Attack: 1 + 3 + 2 = 6
Defense: 2 + 3 + 0 = 5
Damage: 0 + 2 = 5
Soak: 1
+2 awareness
+3 hearing/sighting
-3 when people trying to identify
lightning reflexes !

Name: Eudocia
Concept: Eudocia is the ungifted descendant of one of the older magi in the parent covenant, and was originally trained as a scribe and teacher. However, she's much better with people than with books, and so she was trained as a steward, to help run the covenant day-to-day. When the newly gauntled magi were sent off, Eudocia went with them, partially to look after them, but also to cement some mundane trade deals while they dealt with magical things. Eudocia was taught the basics of realm lores and magic theory so that she could copy books; she now uses this knowledge to make 'suggestions' to the magi. Though she is socially skilled, her inability to not meddle in the lives of everyone around her means that she often doesn't get the best from her employees... (hence Difficult Underlings!).

Age: 30
Characteristics: Int 0, Per +1, Str +1, Sta +1, Pres +2, Comm +2, Dex +1, Qik 0
Virtues: Custos*, Gossip, Luck, Arcane lore, Sharp hearing, Strong willed, Improved characteristics
Flaws: Meddler (major), Covenant upbringing, Difficult underlings

  • Selected academic abilities

Greek (Spoken) 5
Latin (Hermetic) 5
Order of Hermes lore (Theban tribunal) 1
Dominion lore (Recognising angels) 1
Infernal lore (Recognising demons) 1
Faerie lore (Recognising faeries) 1
Magic lore (Recognising creatures) 2
Magic theory (Sounding knowledgeable) 1
Profession: Scribe (hermetic tomes) 3
Profession: Steward (covenants) 3
Awareness (attention to detail) 2
Bargain (scribing materials) 3
Carouse (inappropriate drinking songs) 2
Charm (first impressions) 3
Chirurgy (magic accidents) 1
Etiquette (magi) 3
Folk Ken (magi) 4
Guile (lying to magi) 3
Intrigue (gossip) 3
Leadership (nagging) 2
Code of Hermes (political intrigue) 2
Artes liberals (grammar) 2
Teaching (small groups) 2

Galenos, Domnican Friar (companion):
Galenos first felt the touch of the Divine as quite a young child. His walk with God seemed to him much more literal than that of other Christian children, and even of many of the clergy. Upon adulthood, he entered University and studied a broad curriculum, all the while growing in faith. He found that he had a knack for telling whether a location was sacred, and still feels greatly at peace in even the smallest churches.

One memorable day, Galenos happened to glance at a man who caused him great revulsion. Almost instinctively, Galenos realised the "man" must actually be a servant of the Infernal, and cried out. Senior clergy came to his aid, were able to confirm his suspicions, and drive the demon off. Since that day Galenos has been troubled by visions of the future, which he has come to resent, feeling that they are meant only to cause him harm. Nevertheless, he heeds these visions - and it was one such hazy vision of his presence with the Magi in some unknown location that brought him on the current voyage.

Characteristics: Int 2, Per 2, Str 0, Sta 1, Pre 0, Com 2, Dex -2, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 27 (27)
Confidence: 4 (1)
Decrepitude: 0
Virtues: Mendicant Friar (min), True Faith (maj), Sense Holiness & Unholiness (min), Book Learner (min), Student of the Dominion (min), Student of the Infernal (min)
Flaws: Monastic Vows (maj), Pious (maj), Visions (min), Pessimistic (min)
Personality: Pessimistic +2, Devout +3, Scholarly +1
Fist: +0 Init, -2 Attack, +0 Defense, +0 Damage
Soak: 1 (unarmoured)
Fatigue: 0,0,-1,-3,-5,Unconscious
Wounds: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)
Faith: 1
Magic Resistance: 10 (faith)

Greek 5 (Preaching)
Awareness 3 (Avoiding ambush)
Charm 1 (First impressions)
Folk Ken 4 (Peasants)
Athletics 1 (Running)
Swim 1 (Staying afloat)
Sense Holiness and Unholiness 4 (5) (Holiness)
Artes Liberales 2 (Rhetoric)
Latin 5 (Theology)
Dominion Lore 4 (Angels)
Infernal Lore 2 (Demons)
Theology 2 (Biblical knowledge)
Civil and Canon Law 1 (Canon law)
Philosophiae 1 (Metaphysics)
Teaching 4 (Latin)
Etiquette 1 (the Church)
Survival 1 (Greek countryside)
Medicine 1 (Apothecary)

XP Spend:
0-5 years:
Greek 5
Awareness 2 (15)
Charm 1 (5)
Folk Ken 2 (15)
Athletics 1 (5)
Swim 1 (5)

Later Life 22*15 = (330 XP remaining)
(can take Academics, and Lores - Divine, Infernal)
Sense Holiness and Unholiness 4 (free level plus 45) (295)
Artes Liberales 2 (15) (280)
Latin 5 (75) (205)
Dominion Lore 4 (50) (155)
Infernal Lore 2 (15) (140)
Theology 2 (15) (125)
Civil and Canon Law 1 (5) (120)
Philosophiae 1 (5) (115)
Teaching 4 (50) (65)
Etiquette 1 (5) (60)
Survival 1 (5) (55)
Medicine 1 (5) (50)
Awareness 3 (15) (35)
Folk Ken 4 (35) (0)

Name: Angie
Age: 21 (Born 22 years ago. Blame Fae)
Gender: Female
Confidence 1 (3)
Characteristics: Com+4 Pre+3 Dx+0 Qu-2 Per+1 St-2 Int+2 Sta-2
Virtues: Wealthy, Independent Study, Great Com, Second Sight, Premonitions, Educated, Arcane Lore, Good Teacher,
Flaws: Weakness (kittens), Curse of Venus, Humble, Magical Air, Motion Sickness, Fragile Con
Note: She isn't fluff-wise wealthy when the game starts, but think of it more as a "she only gets expected to do one season of work for the covenant a year."
Abilities: Latin 5, Greek 5, Artes Liberales 2, Code of Hermes 1, Faerie Lore 2, Dominion Lore 2, Magic Lore 2, Infernal Lore 1(+4), Magic Theory 3, Premonitions 3, Second Sight 3, Philosophae 2, Scribe 4, Craft: Glassblower (lab equipment) 5, Brawl 2, Charm 2, Area Lore (Theban Tribunal) 2, Etiquette 1, Folk Ken 1, area lore (local islands) 1
Backstory: Suspected of having the Gift for obvious reasons, she was brought to the Covenant from her family. The parents while rich, were more than eager to get rid of their children and send them off to a life of "power and wealth". (Plus that knew a little of the Order.) It was a win win. But it became almost instantly clear that Angie never had the Gift, just the magical air that came with it.

Still she did have several other useful supernatural abilities. The seekers had high hopes for her, plus who doesn't want a girl like her around? So she stayed. While Abigail learned magic Angie learned, well magic too, but no where near as epic magic. She had a couple of innate abilities and that was it. Still she learned a lot. How to set up a lab, how to blow glass for making beakers and flasks. Reading and Writing. A smattering of arcane lores most magi would be too busy to bother with. A sort of covenant jack-of-all trades.

Maia Berenice

Faerie Might: 20
Points: 20/20

Characteristics: Int +1, Per -2, Pre +1, Com +1, Str +2, Sta +1, Dex +2, Qik +2

Personality: Brave +6, Licentious +3, Loyal +3

Age: 25 (in a manner of speaking)

[tab][/tab]Faerie Sight (Minor, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Faerie Trainer (Free, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Highly Cognizant (Minor, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Humanoid Faerie (Minor, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Improved Characteristics (Minor, General)
[tab][/tab]Increased Faerie Might (Major, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Passes for Human (Free, Social Interaction)
[tab][/tab]Personal Power x2 (Minor, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Venus' Blessing (Minor, General)

[tab][/tab]Compassionate (Major, Personality)
[tab][/tab]Faerie Upbringing (Minor, Personality)
[tab][/tab]Lecherous (Minor, Personality)
[tab][/tab]Oversensitive: Disrespect (Minor, Personality)
[tab][/tab]Pagan (Major, Story)
[tab][/tab]Traditional Ward: Herbs (Minor, Supernatural)

[tab][/tab]Artes Liberales: 1; Logic (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Charm: 3; Seduction (30/30)
[tab][/tab]Dead Language (Latin): 4; Hermetic Usage (50/50)
[tab][/tab]Faerie Lore: 2; Sidhe (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Folk Ken: 2; Men (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Single Weapon: 5; Long Sword (75/75)

[tab][/tab]Athletics: 2; Flying (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Awareness: 2; Alertness (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Brawl: 2; Grapples (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Bows: 4; Composite Bow (50/50)
[tab][/tab]Carouse: 2; Games of Chance (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Leadership: 3; In Combat (30/30)
[tab][/tab]Living Langage (Greek): 5; Storytelling (75/75)
[tab][/tab]Swim: 2; Underwater (15/15)

Faerie Powers:
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Damaging Effect: Electricity (No Might cost)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Flight (No Might cost)

Dagger: Init +2, Attack +6, Defense +4, Damage +10
Fist (Gauntlet): Init +2, Attack +5, Defense +5, Damage +9
Long Sword and Hoplon (Infantry Shield): Init +4, Attack +13, Defense +14, Damage +13
Composite Bow: Init +0, Attack +12, Defense +7, Damage +14, Range 30

Soak: +13 (Metal scale hauberk, gambeson, plate-and-mail jambes, helm)

Wound Penalties: –1 (1 – 5), –3 (6 – 10), –5 (11 – 15), Incapacitated (16 – 20), Dead (21+)

[tab][/tab]Mechanical: Faeries may take up to 3 Minor Personality Flaws and 1 Major Personality Flaw. Faeries do not have to take Virtues to allow them to take Arcane, Academic, or Martial Abilities.
[tab][/tab]Faerie combat equipment is always at hand when appropriate and never causes Encumberance, though it takes her a full round to switch weapons, as it would any other character. She is effectively wearing armor appropriate to an ancient Greek heroine, despite not actually doing so, nor appearing to wear armor; she can freely decide to make her armor appear at any time, and observers with the power to see through illusion can see her armor as a spectral, transperant outline over her body.
[tab][/tab]For purposes of mechanical categorization, Maia is a Sidhe. Since her "role" is "warrior," her equipment is effectively Superior Quality.

[tab][/tab]Maia is the "elder sister" and only sibling of Euphemia. She is a faerie dame, an idealized female warrior of great beauty and skill. While she isn't an Amazon, stories of female warriors are tied closely to them in the Aegean, where the predominant culture is Greek. She has been tasked by their mother with protecting Euphemia; as goddess of Valkyries and the future, before the Norse were Christianized, their mother was aware of the trying circumstances that would befall her children, and that the elder was stronger than the younger.
[tab][/tab]Despite her obvious supernatural powers, people without The Gift, the ability to sense faeries, or sufficient expertise to recognize her abilities as impossible do not find anything strange about her.
[tab][/tab]Maia is aware that she is a faerie, as well as of how faeries grow and improve. This is an extremely rare trait. Euphemia taught her these things, and indeed, Euphemia taught their mother and many other faeries in her realm as well, and it was spreading that knowledge, more than anything, which earned Euphemia the love of Grecian faeries.
[tab][/tab]She is ravishingly beautiful and clearly Euphemia's sister. Her skin is the like brown color of new olives and her eyes clear and aquamarine. Her long; light brown hair falls to her knees and is always a little wild, but it never tangles or inconveniences her. She has a light dusting of freckles on her cheeks and nose, and her dark eyebrows beautifully complement the rest of her face.
[tab][/tab]She typically wears sandals and a sleeveless, white tunic that falls to her mid-thigh. She always has a sword, dagger, spear, bow, or other weapon precisely when she needs it.