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Alexander ex Miscellanea
Alexis is a sturdy young man of average height with curly black hair and a mellow voice. His dark eyes sparkle with constant amazement.
His ancestors have all been shape-shifters living on the Aegean isles.
A few years before he was born, his mother, a Pralician, came to the island where his father lived to bring him into the order. They fell in love and she decided to stay with him. Alexander is the child of their union.
Alexander grew upon the island in the knowledge that, some day, he’d be a shape-shifter and a magus. His father taught him his first shape when he was just three years old and his mother apprenticed him when he was 7 doing her best to carefully further his talents.
On his 22nd birthday, he left his parents to travel to the Tribunal’s ceremony of Acceptance. At the same time, his parents use their new-found freedom and set out to explore Africa.
Apart from a few visitors to his father’s island, Alexander has yet to meet all those order mages his parents have been telling him about. He knows that he belongs to a tradition that is not exactly held in the highest regards, and he has been warned by his father to watch out for Bjornaer magi who in the past, have attacked and killed shape-shifters from his tradition. Anyway, he hopes to prove the order that he is a worthy magus.

Int +2, Per +0, Pre 0, Com +1, Str 0, Sta +2, Dex 0, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 22(22)
Decreptitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Virtues and Flaws: The Gift, Hermetic Magus; Flawless Magic; Affinity with Vim, Inventive Genius, Life Boost, Mastered Spells, Quiet Magic, Skilled Parens, *Shapeshifer, *Subtle Magic; *Deficient Muto, Driven (Major): Show the order that you are a worthy member, Vulnerbable Magic (shapechanging); Magic animal companion, Optimistic (minor), Unimaginative Learner
Personality Traits: Brave+1, Optimistic +2, Conformist +1
Reputations: none
Dodging: Init +0, Attack n/a, Defense +0, Damage n/a
Soak: +2
Fatigue Levels: OK, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)
Abilities: Artes Liberales 2 (ceremonial magic), Athletics 1 (lifting), Awareness 2 (searching), Code of Hermes (Wizard’s Marches) 1, Fairie Lore 1 (water fairies), Folk Ken 1 (magi), Greek 5 (poetry), Guile 2 (concealing magic powers), Latin 4 (hermetic), Magic Lore 2 (creatures), Magic Theory 3 (Vim), Order of Hermes Lore (magi) 1, Parma Magica (Mentem) 1, Penetration (Perdo) 1, Philosophy (Ceremonial casting) 1,Shapeshifting 4 (eagle), Swim (diving) 1
Arts: Cr 2, In 5, Mu 0, Pe 5, Re 5; An 0, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 0, He 6, Ig 0, Im 0, Me 6, Vi 12
Twilight Scars: None
Spell Sigil: Perfection
Voting Sigil: None yet
Equipment: Unassuming brown robes
Encumbrance: 0(0)
Spells known:
Wizard’s Sidestep ReIm10; +8
Naked Man Weaving CrHe15; Mastery 1: quiet; +11
Shriek of the Impending Shafts InHe15; mastery 1: quiet; +14
Loss of But a Moment's Memory PeMe15; Mastery 1: quiet; +14
Call to Slumber ReMe10; Mastery 3; quite, penetration, multiple; +14
Piercing the Magical Veil InVi 20; Mastery 1: quiet; +20
Piercing theFairie Veil InVi 20; Mastery 1: quiet; +20
Demon’s Demise From Afar PeVi10; Mastery 3; quite, penetration, multiple; +22
Gryffin’s Demise From Afar PeVi10; Mastery 3; quite, penetration, multiple; +22
Fairie’s Demise From Afar PeVi10; Mastery 3; quite, penetration, multiple; +22
Gather the essence of the beast ReVi15; mastery 1: quiet; +20

Alexander can shape-shift into an eagle, a dolphin, a bear, or a cat.

Spell notes:
Naked Man Weaving taken from spells wiki:
Piercing the Magical Veil like Pericing the Fairie Veil (InVi), but for magical regiones
Demon's/Fairie's/Gryffin's Demise from Afar Like Demon's Eternal Oblivion (PeVi), but at range Sight and only doing 5 points of might damage; used for infernal, fairie, magic beings respectively


(copied and pasted from a design by bearlord in The Price of Freedom game on this forum; then adapted to include Alexander's stats)

Characteristics: Int 2, Per -2, Str +3, Sta +3, Pre 0, Com 0, Dex 0, Qik +4
Size: +1 (individuals can vary from 0 to +2)

Virtues and Flaws: Long-Winded, Ferocity (sharks), Compulsion (help drowning humans)
Qualities: Aquatic (don't breathe water), Crafty, Extra Natural Weapons, Imposing Appearence, Keen Vision, Pursuit Predator, Slippery, Tough Hide, Vocal

Abilities: Athletics 3 (leaping), Awareness 2 (sharks), Brawl 2 (teeth), Hunt 4 (fish), Music 3 (underwater song), Survival 3 (sea), Swim 5 (long distances)
Natural Weapons:
Teeth (rarely used in combat) Init 0, Atk +3, Def +1, Dam +1; Ramming* Init +1, Atk +4, Def +2, Dam +3.
*Must make a Fatigue roll against an Ease Factor of 9 to avoid losing a Fatigue Level (Long-Winded virtue applies).


Teeth: Init +4, Atk +6, Def +8, Dam +4
Ramming: Init +5, Atk +6, Def +8, Dam +6

Soak: +5
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-6), -3 (7-12), -5 (13-18), Incapacitated (19-24), Dead (25+)

Bear (Ursus)

(copied and pasted from the Book of Mundane Beasts, a free supplement by Atlas Games; then adapted to include Alexander's stats)
Characteristics: Int+2, Per 0, Pre 0, Com -4, Str +6, Sta +4, Dex +2, Qik 0
Size: +2
Confidence Score: 1 (3)
Virtues and Flaws: Ferocity (when injured), Improved Characteristics (x2), Tough, Greedy (minor), Reclusive
Qualities: Aggressive, Extra Natural Weapons (claws), Fast Runner, Grapple, Hardy, Imposing Appearance, Large Claws, Pursuit Predator, Tough Hide
Reputations: Ferocious (local) 2
Claws: Init 0, Attack +13, Defense +9, Damage +10
Teeth: Init 0, Attack +11, Defense +7, Damage +7
Grapple: Init 0, Attack +7, Defense +5, Damage n/a
Soak: +10
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1/-1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-7), -3 (8-14), -5 (15-21), Incapacitated (22-28), Dead (29+)
Abilities: Athletics 3 (sprinting), Awareness 3 (prey), Brawl 5 (claws), Hunt 4 (deer), Survival 5 (foraging), Swim 3 (against the current),
Natural Weapons: Large Claws: Init 0, Atk +5, Def +3, Dam +4; Teeth: Init 0, Atk +3, Def +1, Dam +1. The bear's tough hide and thick fur
combine to give it a Protection of +3.
Appearance: The bear is a large, shaggy beast that weighs up to fifty stone (700 pounds) and stands over seven feet tall on its hind legs. Its coat is medium brown. The bear has large claws and makes a bellowing roar.

The brown bear can run quickly, gaining a +3 bonus to rolls involving running. It can stand on its hind legs so as to attack a man on horse-back. It can climb trees and is a strong swimmer.

(copied and pasted from the Book of Mundane Beasts, a free supplement by Atlas Games; then adapted to include Alexander's stats)

Characteristics: Int+2, Per +1, Pre -2, Com -3, Str -7, Sta +2, Dex +3, Qik +4
Size: -3
Virtues and Flaws: Perfect Balance, Puissant Awareness, Sharp Ears, Nocturnal
Qualities: Ambush Predator, Crafty, Good Jumper, Skilled Climber, Thick Fur
Reputations: Evil 2 (local). This reputation is strongest in Celtic areas, and weaker or unknown in other places.
Claws: Init +3, Attack +8, Defense +10, Damage -5
Teeth: Init +4, Attack +8, Defense +7, Damage -6
Soak: +3
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-2), -3 (3-4), -5 (5-6), Incapacitated (7-8), Dead (9+)
Abilities: Athletics 3 (jumping), Awareness 4+2 (at night), Brawl 2 (claws), Hunt 4 (mice), Stealth 4 (stalking)
Natural Weapons:
Claws: Init -1, Attack +2, Defense +3, Damage +2. Teeth: Init 0, Attack +3, Defense +1, Damage +1. The cat's dense fur gives it a Protection of +1.
Appearance: grey fur with darker stripes

If a cat has successfully crept up on its prey, it automatically wins Initiative for the first round of combat and gains a +3 bonus to its Attack roll for the first round only. Cat are excellent climbers and jumpers, gaining a +3 bonus to appropriate rolls.

(copied and pasted from "falcon" the Book of Mundane Beasts, a free supplement by Atlas Games; then adapted to increase size by 1 and adapt combat statistics correspondingly: wound categories; +2 Str, -1 Qik before including Alexander's stats; combat stats modified accordingly; fragile constitution removed)

Characteristics: Int+2, Per +3, Pre -1, Com 1, Str -4, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +5
Size: -2
Virtues and Flaws: Ferocity (swooping attack), Keen Vision
Qualities: Accomplished Flier, Fast Flier, Keen Eyesight, Pursuit Predator, Extra Natural Weapons
Reputations: None
Talons: Init +4, Attack +6, Defense +11, Damage -2
Beak: Init +5, Atk +6, Defense +8, Damage -3
Soak: 2
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-3), -3 (4-6), -5 (7-9), Incapacitated (10-12), Dead (13+)
Abilities: Athletics 5 (swift flight), Awareness 4 (spotting prey), Brawl 2 (talons), Hunt 4 (game birds), Survival 3 (cold climates)
Natural Weapons: The weapon statistics for an eagle's talons are Init -1, Atk +2, Def +3, Dam +2. The statistics for its beak are Init 0, Atk +3, Def +1, Dam +1.
Appearance: A large majestetic bird

+3 ro all flying rolls involving speed

xp log (atgauntlet):
Early: Childhood 0-5:
00 Greek 5 (poetry)
00 Shapeshifting 1 (Eagle)
05 Athletics 1 (lifting)
15 Awareness 2 (searching)
05 Folk Ken 1 (magi)
15 Guile 2 (concealing magic powers)
05 Swim (diving)

Childhood (6-7):
30 Shapeshifting 3(5) (Eagle)

Apprenticeship (155xp abilities):
15 Shapeshifting 4 (Eagle)
30 Magic theory 3 (Vim)
50 Latin 4 (Hermetic)
15 Artes Liberales 2 (ceremonial magic)
15 Order of Hermes Lore (magi) 1
05 Code of Hermes (Wizard’s Marches) 1
05 Magic Lore 2 (creatures)
05 Fairie Lore 1 (water fairies)
05 Parma Magica (Mentem) 1
05 Penetration (Perdo) 1
05 Philosophy (Ceremonial casting) 1

Arts: 145xp
He 6 21xp
In 5 15xp
Pe 5 15xp
Vi 12 52xp (+26xp affinity)
Me 6 21xp
Im 6 21xp

Animal companion:

Krk, Raven of Virtue (see RoP:M, p. 62)
Changes from that template (suggested by storyteller):
Magic Might 14

  • the gift of speech
  • vis mastery
  • improved confidence 1(2)

Age : 25
Name : Argyros of Mercere
Quick Overview
Argyros is a son of a greek merchant. Not something fancy, just cheap Olive Oil. Not rich, not poor, some extra sometimes by smuggling merchandises. During his childhood Argyros sails with his father for business to others cities. In his late childhood he seems to be a quick learner especially in languages but in the same time people start to avoid him. He is spotted by a sailor who worked for a covenant, Ordo Parthenos, and soon is sold to one of their magus and started apprenticeship. Quickly he's starting to loooooove magic. One spells, two, three, four, "more more more more. Ooooooops. Sorry. My bad. Do not worry, everything is gonna be allright" :smiley:
Sadly for him his addiction is always a stigmata linked to the one of his paren, the addiction to games and Argyros became nearly an outcast in the covenant.
For -1 / Dex -1 / Qui -2 / Sta 3 / Int 3 (*) / Pre 0 / Com 2
*See Virtue

Flaws: (10 points)
Magic Addiction (Maj), Weird Magic (Min) -dust rising- , Infamous Master* (Min), Susceptibility to Faerie Power (Min), Optimistic (Maj), Vision (Min, Story)

  • That damn master. Was an addicted to game, a gambler and a scammer. Lot of trials because he tried to scam various magi, created too much money, sold magicals items to mundane. This kind of stuff. Never marched but close. Now everyone thinks I'm the same.

Virtues: (10 points)
Puissant Creo (free), the gift, hermetic magus
Mercurian Magi (Maj), Affinity with Vim, Affinity with Magic Theory, Affinity with Rego, Inventive Genius, Skilled Parens, Improved characteristics, Minor Magical focus (manipulating stone)

Native Language (Greek) 5
05 Greece Area Lore (geography) 1
05 Area Lore Constantinople 1 (geography)
10 Aegean Sea Lore (geography) 2
05 living language Arab 1 (slang)
05 Living Language Italian (slang) 1

05 Survival (sea) 1
05 Chirurgy 1 (cauterization)
15 Folk Ken 2 (townsfolk)
15 Swim 2 (long distances)
15 Bargain 2 (negociation)

05 Arte Liberales 1 (Ritual Magic)
10 Philosophae 1 (Ritual Magic)
05 Parma Magica 1 (Mentem)
05 Order of Hermes Lore 1 (legends)
15 Finesse 2 (precision)
15 Penetration 2 (Vim)
15 Profession (scribe) 2
30 Concentration 3 (spell concentration)
50 Latin 4 (hermetic)
50 Magic Theory 5 (lab work) (= 50 * 1.5 Affinity Virtue = 75)

21 Creo 6
37 Rego 10 (371.5 Affinity Virtue)
37 Vim 10 (37
1.5 Affinity Virtue)
15 Aquam 5
21 Terram 6
03 Ignem 2
01 Auram 1
= 135

Spells : (120+30)
Dagger of Ice /Cr(Re)Aq10
HOM:Societas p35
Aegis of the Earth / ReVi30
Watching Ward / ReVi20
Gather the essence of the beast / ReVi15
Scale of the magical weight / InVi5
The Stanger Gift / CrVi20
p157 (same as Enigma Gift but base 10 and only 2 warping points)
Pit of the gapin earth / PeTe15
The Unseen Porter / ReTe10
Hands of the grapping earth / ReTe15
Palm of flame / CrIg5
Air Ghostly Form / CrAu5

  • Wizard communion level 30 for free (cf Mercurian Virtue)

Sigil : targets (or peopole in area) are drooling for a couple of seconds
Reputation : Not reliable -3

Magus Character
Abigail of Merinita
Characteristics: Com+5 Pre+3 Dx-2 Qu-2 Per+1 St-2 Int+2
Warping: 2 (15)
Confidence: 4 (1)
Virtues: Faerie Magic, The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Animae Magic, Minor Focus (farming) Book Learner, Skilled Parens, Independent Study, Great Com2
Flaws: Fear (wolves), Compassionate (major), Incompatible Arts
4 (Perdo An, Au, Aq, He, Im, Me, Te, Ig) Fragile Constitution, Flawed Parma Magic (Herbam)
Abilites: Greek 5 (compliments) [native], Parma 1 (Mentum) [5], Latin 5 (Hermetic Usage) [75], Magic Theory 3 (Herbam) [30], Faerie Magic 2 (The Becoming) [15], Code of Hermes 1 (mundanes) [5], Artes Liberales 1 (ceremonial Magic) [5], Charm 2 (Fae) [15], Folk Ken 2 [15], Area Lore 2 (theban Tribunal) [15], Teaching 2 (one-on-one) [15] Concentration 2 (prayer) [15], Philosophae 1 (ceremonial Magic) [8], House Merinita Lore 2 (Initiating Others) [15], Finesse 1 (Herbam) [5], Faerie Lore 2 [15] (Roman Goddesses), Area Lore (Islands) 1 [5]
Arts: Creo 10 [55] Herbam 10 [55] Rego 5 [15]

[Name - TeFo - Level - (casting score)]
Let Grow the Seeds - CrHe-30 - (+30)
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
Brings a plant to maturity in a night or a day.
Base 15+1 touch + 2 sun

Let Blossom Natures Bounty - ReHe-25 (+20)
Causes a plant (up to size +1) to come to blossom in an instant, even out of season.
Base 15 Size+1 Touch+1

Weave the Threads - ReHe - 15 (+15)
Weaves a source of raw material into a sheet of cloth. This requires a finesse+perception roll.
Base 5+1 intricacy +1 touch

Bless the Garden - CrHe - 20 (+30)
R: Touch D: Moon T: Group
The targeted group of plants grows well for the duration of the spell, regardless of the conditions or soil quality. Affects up to 100,000 cubic paces of plants (size+5)
Base 1 +2 group + 1 touch +3 moon +1 size

Healer's Touch - CrCo - 10 (+10)
R: Touch D: Moon T: Ind
The target gains a +3 bonus to wound recovery rolls for the duration of the spell.
Base 2 + 1 touch + 3 moon

Physician's Touch - CrCo - 10 (+10)
R: Touch D: Moon T: Ind
The target gains a +3 bonus to disease recovery rolls for the duration of the spell.
Base 2 +1 touch +3 moon

Plant the Tree of Wonder - CrHe - 20 (+20)
R: Touch D: Mom T: Ind, Ritual, Animae
This spell creates a might 10 Fae associated with Herbam. The result tends to resemble a human, but not always. The Fae is under no particular compulsion to serve the maga however Fae created by this spell are more likely to negotiate for vitality than most, accepting something in exchange for service. Countless varieties have been observed, including a few that have proven totally unwilling to serve the maga. Even more have asked for something the maga cannot deliver or been turned after getting a better deal from someone else.
Base 5 + 10 levels for might +1 touch.

The Coin of Light - CrIg - 10 (+10)
R: Touch D: Ring T: Ind
This sets the touched coin aglow, with light equal to that of a torch. It was designed to help save on costs for villagers for torches and similar. It actually works on any circle, but coins are reasonably common.
Base 3 +1 touch +2 ring
Note: Storyguide ruling that moving a ring breaks it. The coins will need to be worked into something, like a wall or the floor. Or just left as a temporary light.

Note: The next two spells were taken from Magi of Herme's pg 30 with slight changes. That said, they don't use anything that wouldn't be found within the guidelines from Core.

Instant Chair - CrHe - 10 (+20)
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
This spell creates a wooden chair. The chair is surprisingly comfortable for being made without cushions.
Base 3 +1 touch +2 sun

Evening's Comfort - CrIg - 5 (+10)
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind
This spell keeps the targeted object warm to the touch. Generally used to keep beds warm.
Base 2 +1 touch +2 sun

Ilia of Tytalus
Ilia was raised by wolves until the age of 7 (she has no idea who her parents were, and doesn't care much), before being found by the covenant. She spent the next two years being tamed (i.e. taught some greek and a smattering of social skills) before her magical potential was realised. Her parens (another elemental magus) took over her training, which was as lovely as Tytalean apprenticeships are. Ilia is accompanied by a young and allegedly tame wolf.

Int +3, Per +0, Str +1, Sta +2, Pre -1, Com -2, Dex +0, Qik +1

Warping 0 (1*), Confidence 2 (6)

  • Divine: 0, Infernal: 1, Faerie: 0, Magic: 0.

The Gift (free), Hermetic Magus (free), Self Confident (House virtue), Elemental Magic (major hermetic), Study bonus (minor hermetic), Inventive genius (minor hermetic), Puissant Magic Theory (minor general), Inoffensive to animals (minor hermetic), Skilled parens (minor hermetic).
Study requirement (major hermetic), Overconfident (minor personality), Feral upbringing (minor general), Animal companion (minor general), Nocturnal (minor general), Incomprehensible (minor general)

Creo: 5, Intellego: 5, Muto: 5, Perdo: 5, Rego: 5.
Auram: 6, Aquam: 6, Ignem: 6, Terram: 6.

Area lore, Greek wilderness (animal migrations) 2
Animal handling (Wolves) 2
Athletics (Endurance) 2
Awareness (Alertness) 2
Brawl (grapples) 2 (10)
Hunt (With wolves) 3
Stealth (Forests) 2
Survival (Forests) 2
Swim (Small rivers) 1
Greek (spoken) 2
Folk ken (covenfolk) 1
Charm (senior magi) 1
Guile (appearing normal) 1
Artes liberales (ceremonial magic) 2
Latin (hermetic) 4
Magic theory (spell invention) 4 (functions as 6 due to Puissant Magic Theory)
Magic lore (the elements) 2
Parma magica (corpus) 1
Philosophiae (Tytalean) 1 (5)
Order of Hermes Lore (House Tytalus) 1
Code of Hermes (high crimes) 1
Concentration (spells) 1
Finesse (precision) 1
Infernal lore (abilities of demons) 1

Theia's Sight. Int Ig (Au, Aq) 25.
Pers, Conc, Vision
You can see clearly through water, smoke, fog, dust or fire as through clear air while concentrating.
This spell incorporate the various ‘see through an element’ spells, apart from the terram version because it’s base level is too high. Theia is the greek titan associated with sight and light.

Strike of the Cyclopes. Cr Ig (Au) 20.
Voice, Mom, Ind
A flash of thunder and lightning explodes in the air where you designate. If you target a person’s face with the light, or their head with the sound, the target needs a Stamina stress roll of 9+ to avoid temporary blindness and deafness. If the target botches the roll, they are permanently blinded or deafened for a month. If temporarily afflicted, he can try to make a simple Stamina roll of 9+ each minute to recover.
This spell mixes “Jupiter’s Resounding Blow” with “Flash of Scarlet Flames”. Targets only have to roll if they're within the range of the two basic spells, i.e. there's no roll versus blindness if the flash is above your head. Named after the cyclopes who make Zeus’s thunderbolts.

Sheltered from the Anemoi and Nephelae. Re Au (Aq) 20.
Touch, Sun, Ind
Water runs off the target, protecting her from dampness. The spell is broken if the target is immersed in water. The target is also not affected by winds of normal strength, though severe or stronger winds will still buffet her about.
Mixed “Cloak of Duck’s Feathers” with an Auram effect to be warded against ‘a normal weather phenomen’, i.e. normal strength winds. Named after the greek demigods of the winds and the nymphs who bring rain.

Shape of the Wolf. Mu Co (An) 20.
Pers, Sun, Ind
You place a wolf skin over yourself, and change into a wolf. You may change back at will.
A personal version of Shape of the Woodland Prowler. Ilya’s cloak is made from the skin of one of the wolves who raised her.

Eyes of the Bat. Int Au 25.
Per, Sun, Hearing
You can move about confidently in complete darkness by sensing air and its boundaries. You hear the boundaries of the air and so it does not permit fine distinction. On the other hand, you can hear boundaries behind you.

Lungs of the Fish. Mu Aq (Au) 20.
Touch, Sun, Part
Turns water into air as it enters your lungs, allowing you to breathe water as you do air.

Prometheus's Shield. Re Ig(Au) 20.
Touch, Conc, Ind
Protects against fire and lightning, stopping both from coming within 1 pace of the warded target. The target also gains +15 soak versus fire and lightning damage.

Euphemia ex Criamon

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +2, Pre +3, Com +1, Str -2, Sta +1, Dex -1, Qik +0

Personality: Brave +3, Cheerful +3, Curious +3

Warping: 0 (0/5)

Confidence: 1 (9)

Apparent Age: 19

Age: 25

[tab][/tab]Affinity with Creo (Minor, Hermetic)
[tab][/tab]The Enigma (Free, Minor, Hermetic)
[tab][/tab]Gentle Gift (Major, Hermetic)
[tab][/tab]The Gift (Special)
[tab][/tab]Good Teacher (Minor, General)
[tab][/tab]Hermetic Maga (Free, Social Status)
[tab][/tab]Premonitions (Minor, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Second Sight (Free, Minor, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Strong Faerie Blood: Sidhe (Major, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Venus' Blessing (Minor, General)

[tab][/tab]Carefree (Minor, Personality)
[tab][/tab]No Sense of Direction (Minor, General)
[tab][/tab]Optimistic (Major, Personality)
[tab][/tab]Twilight Prone (Major, Hermetic)
[tab][/tab]Visions (Minor, Story, Supernatural)
[tab][/tab]Weird Magic (Minor, Hermetic)

[tab][/tab]Artes Liberales: 1; Logic (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Awareness: 2; Alertness (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Charm: 3; Being Genuine (30/30)
[tab][/tab]Chirurgy: 1; Binding Wounds (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Concentration: 1; Spell Concentration (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Dead Langauge (Latin): 4; Hermetic Usage (50/50)
[tab][/tab]Enigmatic Wisdom: 2; Twilight (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Faerie Lore: 1; Sidhe (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Finesse: 1; Precision (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Leadership: 2; Inspiration (15/15)
[tab][/tab]Living Language (Greek): 5; Storytelling (75/75)
[tab][/tab]Magic Theory: 3; Creo (30/30)
[tab][/tab]Medicine: 1; Physician (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Parma Magica: 1; Mentem (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Penetration: 1; Creo (5/5)
[tab][/tab]Premonitions: 3; Supernatural Threats (30/30)
[tab][/tab]Second Sight: 3; Faeries (30/30)

[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Creo: 11 (69/78) (Base: 46)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Intellego: 5 (15/15)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Muto: 2 (5/6)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Perdo: 0 (0/1)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Rego: 5 (15/15)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Animal: 0 (0/1)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Aquam: 0 (0/1)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Auram: 0 (0/1)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Corpus: 5 (15/15)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Herbam: 0 (0/1)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Ignem: 0 (0/1)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Imaginem: 5 (15/15)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Mentem: 5 (20/21)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Terram: 0 (0/1)
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Vim: 0 (0/1)

[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Circle of Beast Warding (ReAn; Level 5): +6
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Cloak of the Duck's Feathers (ReAq; Level 5): +6
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Touch of the Pearls (InAq; Level 5): +6
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Air's Ghostly Form (CrAu; Level 5): +11
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Chamber of Spring Breezes (CrAu; Level 5): +11
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Jupiter's Resounding Blow (CrAu; Level 10): +11
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Bind Wound (CrCo; Level 10): +17
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Curse of the Unruly Tongue (ReCo; Level 5): +11
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Purification of the Festering Wounds (CrCo; Level 20): +17
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh (InCo; Level 10): +11
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand (ReCo; Level 5): +11
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm; Level 10): +13
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Prying Eyes (InIm; Level 5): +11
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]The Call to Slumber (ReMe; Level 10): +11
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Scales of the Magical Weight (InVi; Level 5): +6
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]Sense the Nature of Vis (InVi; Level 5): +6

Wizard's Sigil: Flowers: Depending on what is appropriate for the spell in question, this could mean color, smell, or even actual floral images. The flowers in question are usually appropriate to the spell. E.g., anemones accompany spells of healing and restoration, asters go with spells of protection against the supernatural, irises with message-related spells, hyacinths with spells related to physical prowess, and so on. The varied meaning of flowers is an extremely complicated code, but, like all Wizard's Sigils, can be deciphered by the suitably astute.

[tab][/tab]Euphemia catches the attention of everyone she passes; she is an exceptionally beautiful woman, perfectly-proportioned in every respect. She has bright red hair that, unbound, falls to her ankles, large; emerald green eyes, and pale skin just a shade shy of alabaster. She looks a little less than twenty years old.
[tab][/tab]The combination of colors of her hair and eyes is a clear indication of supernatural powers which any even vaguely superstitious person will recognize immediately, though they may not necessarily believe or care that Euphemia's coloration marks her as magical.
[tab][/tab]She typically wears loose, thin clothing, such as a linen, sleeveless, ankle-length chiton.

[tab][/tab]Her mother, Luticia, is a sidhe who fell in love with her father and bore him Euphemia. Unlike most faeries, Luticia was not pretending to be mortal, nor did she grow tired of her husband and children; Euphemia was the old child of the union of her mother and father, though her mother has had several "faerie children" before her. Before settling in the mountains of Macedonia, Luticia had been Skuld, the Nordic goddess of Valkyries, the future, creation, and children, both in themselves and making them. When Scandinavia was fully Christianized, there was no more place for her there, so, while vastly powerful, she took on the relatively humble role of a faerie mother.
[tab][/tab]Euphemia's parents raised her with loving kindness, giving her an idyllic sort of childhood full of happiness and contentment. Because of her mother's nobility, her own strange supernatural gifts, and her natural upbeat charm, the faeries treated her well, though her father insisted that she spend at least one of every four weeks living among mortals, so as not to stunt her emotional development.
[tab][/tab]Her father, Gregory ex Criamon, was her teacher in the Hermetic Arts. She inherited much of her magical "style" from him, particularly her Gentle Gift and penchant for Creo. He is only a middlingly-powerful magus, now 50, but he is a very good teacher, and he was, of course, more inclined to spend seasons teaching his daughter than most parentes are given to spend on teaching their apprentices. This was fortunate, for a lesser instructor would not have been able to open Euphemia's Arts.
[tab][/tab]Her upbringing conspired to make her a cheerful, well-rounded person, but she is also terribly naive and too quick to trust. Since no one she had to spend more than a few moments with ever treated her badly, she mistakenly believes that all people are naturally wonderful, and that deceit and treachery are rare.
[tab][/tab]Among other things, this disposition gives her a predilection to live in a sort of "story-world," and she is prone to escapism. This meshes with her propensity for Twilight and may even be the cause of it; her subconscious desires to escape stressful situations.
[tab][/tab]Her blood connection to Faerie mutes the social effects of her Gift, and it also gives her the powers to glimpse the future and that which is hidden. Unfortunately, it also causes her magic to sometimes "bleed over" into Faerie, pulling forth strange phenomena, such as a burst of flower petals or turning the ears on nearby animals bright blue for a few moments. She is also much more prone to Twilight than other magi, though she has experienced it only once.
[tab][/tab]While her spatial reasoning ability is better than most, she still can't navigate anywhere without signs and/or a map, and even then she might still get lost. There is nothing supernatural about this. Her talent for getting lost was the source of much amusement for her childhood friends.

Pierus ex Bonisagus:
Pierus grew up in the open farming land around Athens, surrounded by the plants and animals of Greece's plains and woodlands. Often shunned by my friends and other villagers, he took solace in the more remote places, finding that the animals were not bothered by his presence. Gradually, the young Pierus started to ask himself how everything worked, and why it was as it was.

At the age of 8, a wandering scholar offered to take the inquisitive child and give him a good education. The scholar turned out to be a Bonisagus magus, and the education a magical apprenticeship. Pierus brought his love of wild animals and his methodical approach to his Magic, but in spite of his intelligence he seemed unable to fully control his talents; a fact which causes him as much irritation as his irrational fear of heights - he knows his intellect should be able to overcome these problems, and he feels frustration that it cannot.

Characteristics: Int 4, Per 1, Pre -2, Com 1, Str -1, Sta 2, Dex 0, Qik 0
Size: 0
Age: 24 (24)
Decreptitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Virtues: The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Puissant Magic Theory (free), Cautious Sorcerer (min), Inoffensive to Animals (min), Secondary Insight (Maj), Clear Thinker (min), Great Intelligence (min)
(3 fewer botch dice on casting and lab, min 1)
(When studying Technique, +1 in 4 Forms; studying Form, +1 in 2 Techniques)
(+3 to resist lies, confusion etc)

Flaws: Chaotic Magic (maj), Unpredictable Magic (min), Disjointed Magic (min), Obsessed (study the natural world) (min), Fear (Acrophobia - heights) (min)
(Spont spells only work as expected on 0, +1)
(Roll stress even if relaxed; roll for botch on non-fatiguing Spont)
(No gain from similar spells; no ench bonuses from pre-invested arts)

Personality Traits: Inquisitive +3, Logical +2, Frustrated +1 (due to Hermetic flaws)
Confidence: 1(3)
Fist: Init +0, Attack +0, Defense +0, Damage -1
Soak: 2 (Unarmoured)
Fatigue Levels: OK, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)

Greek 5 (describing things)
Hellenic Lore 2 (flora and fauna)
Athletics 1 (climbing)
Stealth 3 (shadowing)
Awareness 2 (alertness)
Survival 1 (edible flora)
Concentration 2 (spell concentration)
Folk Ken 1 (outdoorsmen)
Latin 4 (6) (Hermetic usage)
Magic Theory 3 (animal)
Artes Liberales 1 (ritual magic)
Parma Magica 1 (corpus)
Penetration 2 (muto)
Finesse 1 (precision)
Profession (scribe) 1 (Hermetic texts)
Teaching 1 (post-gauntlet magi)
Area Lore 0(1) (local islands)
Arts: Cr 0, In 7, Mu 7, Pe 0, Re 0; An 7, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 5, He 0, Ig 0, Im 4, Me 5, Vi 0
Spell Sigil: An animal's footprint appears briefly at the point of the spell's effect.
Encumbrance: 0(0)
Spells known:

Conduct the Beastly Conversation (InAn 20: Touch, Conc, Ind)
Allows the caster to "talk" to a touched animal. (base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Sun)

Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (MuAn 15: Touch, Sun, Ind)
Change an item of animal material to be impervious to cutting and edged weapons. Clothing becomes +3 Soak armour; +6 if already quilted or leather. (core p118)

Whispers Through the Black Gate (InCo(Me) 15: Touch, Conc, Ind)
Converse with one undecayed, unhallowed corpse. All around can hear the conversation. (core p130)

Eyes of the Cat (MuCo(An) 5: Touch, Sun, Ind)
Target gains the eyes of a cat; can see in near darkness. (core p131)

Cloak of the Unfamiliar Form (MuCo 10: Touch, Sun, Ind)
The target changes appearance entirely, to any approximately human form you choose. (based on Disguise of the New Visage, core p131; but Ind instead of Part)

Fix the Subject in the Mind's Eye (InIm 5: Per, Mom, Vision)
The caster immediately obtains a perfect memory of whatever he is looking at. (base 1, +4 Vision)

Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm 10: Touch, Sun, Ind)
The target appears more forceful, authoritative and believable. +3 to influence, lead or convince others. (core p145)

Sight of the Transparent Motive (InMe 10: Eye, Mom, Ind)
Detects the general motive most powerfully influencing the target. (core p148)

Posing the Silent Question (InMe 20: Eye, Mom, Ind)
Ase one silent mental question of the target, and detect the answer. The answer is limited to the target's knowledge. The target is unaware unless they succeed MR. (core p149)
(Presumably, this spell is best cast subtly - silent, no gestures ideally?)

Recollection of Untrue Events (MuMe 5: Eye, Sun, Ind)
Drastically changes the target's memory of one event. The target can detect the memory to be false, if it is inconsistent. (base 2, +1 Eye, +2 Sun)

Amend the Tome of the Heart (MuMe 5: Eye, Conc, Ind)
Change one emotion felt by the target to another emotion. For instance, a soldier feeling fear could have that fear exchanged for anger at his attackers. (base 3, +1 Eye, +1 Conc)

XP Spend
Greek 5
Hellenic Lore 2 (15)
Athletics 1 (5)
Stealth 2 (15)
Awareness 1 (5)
Survival 1 (5)

6-8 (3 years * 15 = 45XP)
Stealth 3 (15) (30)
Concentration 2 (15) (15)
Awareness 2 (10) (5)
Folk Ken 1 (5)

Apprenticeship (120)
Latin 4 (50) (70)
Magic Theory 3 (30) (40)
Artes Liberales 1 (5) (35)
Parma Magica 1 (5) (30)
Penetration 2 (15) (15)
Finesse 1 (5) (10)
Profession (Scribe) (5) (5)
Teaching 1 (5) (0)