Fiona ex Miscellanea

Down to 42 + Sheelagh. I say you shift to Animal and start wearing Spidersilk clothing along with Viscaria. Actually, I think linen is much more appropriate for Fiona.

I also agree that if the spell is shrinking you down to one exact person, you don't need the +1 for complexity.

About a lower-level spell being able to do everything Disguise of the Transformed Visage does, and more.
As it is, the spell is fine IMO, because it doesn't have that same flexibility.

But yeah, add a animal requisite, and keeps your clothes! (Unless you want her to be slutty, that is :laughing: )
As Amul says, if she clothes in spidersilk, Fiona will look great!

It is like the spell that enlarges you, save that it can only shrink (so you skip the +1 magnitude for doing both enlarging and shrinking), but it also makes her into a "younger, more voluptuous version of herself". This is what the extra magnitude is for, and it is, IMO, warranted, since it does more than otherwise.

Right. I'm thinking the +1 because theh base Level 3 can do two different things (as I read it): to utterly change the appearance of a person, or to utterly change the size of a person. I'm assuming that to do both is more complex, and thus needs the added magnitude. I'm definitely willing to be persuaded otherwise, though :smiley: .

Is there another spell that has multiple base effects? This guideline is poorly worded. It would have been much simpler if it was changed to:
Level 3:
Utterly change the appearance of a person
Change the size of a person between (-2 to +1 in size).

So, yes, there are two base level effects for Level 3 Muto Corpus spells. +1 complexity is sufficient, IMO to incorporate two 1st magnitude effects into one spell, unless I can see a spell out there that combines two base level effects and contradicts this tentative tuling.

IIRC, not really, and I'm usually not a great fan of compound spells, since it seems to me like a way to shortcut spellcasting restrictions.

In this case, though, the effect seems smooth and clean to me instead of a patchwork of different effects (which would require different spells IMO), so I think it is fine.

Figure that? We all seem to agree! :laughing:

Scary, isn't it?

So, I'll go ahead and pencil that into her planner for Spring of 1228. And, with my new insight on how sigils work, I don't have to worry about her hair being white (I can just chalk that up to having a lower MT on her older spells, and tweak the sigil on her Raven's Form, since I don't think it's come into play; the Enhanced Curse of Circe I can leave as is, since it's based on an older spell with the same sigil.)

Is there any advantage to Fiona learning either Seven-League Stride or Leap of Homecoming from a lab text, despite the fact that she's too big for her to it to work, in order to get the bonus for Similar Spell (either +6 or +7)?

If there is, I'm not seeing it. Her current ReCo lab total (with Sheelagh and Paul) seems to be 54, without experimenting, and 60 + the die roll with experimenting. She would need a 70 to invent her Seven-League Stride in one season, or 80 for her Leap of Homecoming. She can do the former in two seasons as it is now, and the latter in three (two if she experimented). Her Lab Total if she knew the normal versions would be 60/66 for 7LS and 61/68 for LotH.

Well, if you learn the spell and then borrow Viscaria's mirror for a season, that'd get you the extra (+3 Texts) to inventing the spell yourself. If you can come up with some other way to add 7 points to your lab total in a season, tell me about it.

Get Magical Lighting (for +1 Texts) and then make the Bookstand of Hespera from lab text (make several! Give them as gifts!) for an extra +2 texts. Or Tireless Wooden Servant for +1 General.....

I had forgotten that we have a Rego-aligned Aura now, so for Rego, our Aura is a de facto 10 instead of 5. That's an extra 5 points to her LT for whatever, right there.

Still not awake enough to see how the Mirror will help with her inventing a spell, though (just got off work). That's the one that lets you copy books you have an AC to, right?

If it's inventing a spell from the lab text, the bonus applies. If it's inventing a spell without the benfit of the text, the Mirror's bonus doesn't apply.
There's inventing and then there's Inventing. :smiley:

So, I realized a few minutes ago that Fiona has Doublet of Impenetrable Silk as a formulaic (it was one of her starting spells). However, we've also, I believe, established that Fiona tends to wear Herbam products (linen, primarily, or maybe cotton if she can find it).

What I would like to do is replace Doublet of Impenetrable Silk with Robes of Impenetrable Linen. It would do pretty much the exact same thing. Only difference is that the base for MuHe is one less. MuAn is Base 4 to "change something made of animal products in a minor unnatural way." MuHe is Base 3 to "change a plant or item made from plant products."

It's still R: Touch, D: Sun, and T: Individual, so the final spell level winds up being MuHe 10 instead of MuAn 15. I'm willing to lose the 5 levels in my spell total. Okay? Not okay? Am I figuring wrong?

Sure. Make it so.

Went in and rejiggered Fiona's planner a couple of weeks ago when I realized that, with her training Sheelagh and having fewer seasons dedicated to Princeps duty, I had to resolve some conflicts.

Got all the conflicts squared away, and found that Fiona actually had time to work on her laboratory (part of her rather full "to do" list"). She spent the season increasing Refinement from 0 to +1. She added an Antechamber in Autumn of 1224, which adds +1 to Aesthetics and (choice) +1 to Experimentation.

I had thought about removing the Undecorated Flaw, but decided to keep it because it's fitting with her Secretive flaw.

Her Int + Magic Theory roll is Int 1 + Magic Theory 6 + (die roll of 1 and Exploder Die of 3) 6 = 13. Good enough to add Highly Organized.

Just wanted to get it in writing somewhere.

Hmm, is Antechamber a lab Virtue? I'm not finding it. :confused:

It's a type of Lab Feature, page 120.

bah, I went to look there, saw "Altar", and halted.
I is smrat.

This is as much for my reference as anything else (although I should probably put this on the wiki, too), but here's a list of what I'm calling "Fiona's Harem": people that Fiona turns to for satisfaction when she feels the need. They should be reasonably attractive and (if male) fairly well-equipped. Not mandatory, but they help.

  • Korvin of Mercere: a magus, and thus a peer of Fiona's, and one she doesn't have to worry about extending Parma over. Skilled, caring, and comfortable (even if she does have to be a little more aggressive with him than she's used to :wink: ) As often as not, her go-to booty call.
  • Sobran the vintner. Common interests (alcohol), and able to keep up with her between the sheets.
  • André the guard. One of the grogs who joined Fiona and Alips in the summer of 1225.
  • Edward le Grand. Large, strong, capable of swinging the hammer for hours on end. Doesn't speak much French...but then again, he doesn't have to :wink:.
  • Melisent is one of the seamstresses who works for Rashid the weaver.

As always, comments welcome. Especially if one of those doesn't work, or you have any changes or other ideas for who she might hook up with.

You could consider Gaston Lainnier as well. And perhaps Edward le Grand.

I thought about Gaston, but Fiona wasn't that impressed with his "hit-it-and-quit-it" when she first tried her disguise. If he's willing to go for a nigh-nine-foot tall good-looking redhead who would extend her Parma over him for the duration, and if he doesn't disappoint, we can add him to the...roster, I guess?

Edward I can replace Bernard with.

So. Doing some paperwork, finalize Fiona's plans for the next year or so (after Tribunal), and I think I've come up with a suitable low-level MuCo for her.

Bestow the Liver of Iron (MuCo 10)
[tab][/tab]R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual
This spell makes the target temporarily immune to the effects of alcohol. Note that this immunity only lasts as long as the spell does; once the spell expires, the alcohol's effects will hit her like an avalanche. This spell includes a +1 Size Modifier, to affect anyone up to Size +4.
(Base 2, "Change someone to give them a minor ability, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +1 Size Modifier)