Fiona's Letters to Apollodorus

27 June, 1217

To Reynault, in the service of Apollodorus of Jerbiton, greetings.

My name is Fiona of the House ex Miscellanea, and a Daughter of Circe. I have only recently received the letter from your master regarding a new covenant in the Normandy Tribunal, and it comes at a time when I am considering whether continuing my covenant with Insula Canaria is of benefit to me, my Tradition, and my House.

I see that it has been over two years since your master first sent his invitation – I apologize for the delay in replying, but I have only just received the letter within the past fortnight. I hope that he is still looking for magi of some ability for his fledgeling covenant. I note his use of the word "puissant" to describe them, which I feel bodes well, as I have not yet been permitted to examine for Master Maga, despite my having almost a quarter century since my Gauntlet.

If your master is still accepting applications for his covenant, and if he believes that a Daughter of Circe would be of benefit to said covenant, please ask him to respond to my letter.

Fiona filia Marós filia Mirella, filia Pralicis, House ex Miscellanea, Daughter of Circe
Covenant of Insula Canaria, Tribunal of Loch Leglean

September 19, 1217
Thank you for your missive. I had heard horrible stories of the barbaric way sodales in the Loch Leglean Tribunal treat each other. My dear girl, you are a master, if you say you are and are ready to take an apprentice. There is no test. That your present covenant is attempting to force you into a test speaks to their insular and regressive attitude more than anything.

To answer your question, I am still seeking members. I have no knowledge of the Daughters of Circe, at this time, and look forward to you enlightening me further. But, unlike some other unenlightened members of the order, I find Magi and Maga of House ex Miscellanea to be most puissant in magic that the Order as a whole hasn’t yet mastered.

I had expected to be fully engaged in starting up a covenant by this time, honestly, and sharing the burden of my largesse with sodales who could also relieve the administrative burden allow me to pursue my interest in art and culture. It seems, however, that the reputation of the Normandy Tribunal precedes it, and few people have responded to date, and some who have are attempting to strengthen their home covenants. For that reason, I have chosen to be a bit more cautious in my approach. Tell me about yourself. It is plain to see at least one reason why you wish to leave.

I have some vis sources that are registered with the Redcaps, and they have vouched for them with the Tribunal, which allows me to bring in other Magi and Maga without the threat of being charged of vagrancy.

I have recently discovered a regio on the on the top of Mont Beuvray, I haven’t been able to explore it to any degree, but it appears to be rather large. We should be able to construct suitable structures in there for several Magi with diverse interest in their Arts.


March 11, 1218

Apollodorus -

It does not surprise me that you have not heard of the Daughters of Circe, as there are only four of us in the Order, and all of us are ensconced in the British Isles - I myself in Loch Leglean, my mater in Hibernia, her mater and my mater's sororis are in Stonehenge.

I do believe that I would be bringing several strengths to your new covenant. To begin, my Hermetic expertise lies in the field of transformation, primarily of others. I also consider myself, at the risk of sounding somewhat vain, rather gifted in the laboratory, particularly when it comes to creating potions.

I have also studied plants and herbs my entire life, for both their mystical and their mundane properties and benefits.

I have also mastered a Wizard's Communion of roughly the third magnitude, to assist in any casting of an Aegis of the Hearth. I do not know what is the norm in Normandy, but I trust that this will be of some use in the new covenant.

Your letters indicate several vis sources that you have registered. Would these sources be for the covenant's good, or are any new magi to be responsible for locating and registering their own sources of vis?

I fear that I am only familiar with regios second hand, although I have come across several accounts (some more detailed than others) in my studies. Have you determined yet with which realm this Regio is aligned? And whether there would be any long-term risk of warping should anyone establish a sanctum and laboratory within the regio? I assume that, with the discovery of this regio, that the covenant would have ample room for all members to have their own individual laboratories?

I also fear that I am somewhat unfamiliar with the tribunal of Normandy, and of their particular customs – particularly whatever prejudices anyone would have that would dissuade them from honestly pursuing what may be an otherwise beneficial covenant. I am also somewhat surprised that a Tribunal would have what I surmise to be a peripheral code ruling prohibiting Hermitic* magi.

I am leaning very strongly toward negotiating my release from my current Covenant and joining with you and your new (or future) sodales in Normandy. Although my sodales here are all arch-magi, half of them are on the brink of Final Twilight and may or may not be open to an amenable resolution.

Awaiting your reply.


[i]* yes, this is a pun on Hermetic magi.

The letter, as the one before, is well-written on high-quality vellum in a very educated (if slightly larger than normal) handwriting, and her apparent command of Latin (at least in writing) may be surprising considering what is expected of one of her house, especially one from Loch Leglean.[/i]

(edited to remove her knowing Aegis of the Hearth, since she can't use vis in spell-casting)

May 20, 1218


It pleases me to hear you extol your strengths. I have seen several of our sodales become beaten down by situations such as your own, forgetting their true power. Indeed, the general paucity of vis available within the Normandy Tribunal leads to odd relationships amongst Maga and Magi, including feudal obligations between covenants. While it is not uncommon for a magus to defer to his elders, as you generally have done, to give up rights or rely on another magus or covenant to protect your ability to practice magic violates my understanding of the Order. Such is the perversion of the lack of vis.

In the Normandy Tribunal, any covenant being formed must be able to supply 1 pawn of vis per joining member, and in a manner which doesn’t require distilling it from an existing magical aura. I can easily meet this demand. Truthfully, I might even be able to meet the more stringent requirements of a rook of vis per magus for the Alps Tribunal, it all depends on how many people join us. I have a theory on why this area is such a vis rich place within the Tribunal, and why it was skipped over for so long. It appears that there is a strong belief that there was a covenant of the House That Shall Not Be Named nearby. However, there is no evidence that this is the case, and I have evidence to the contrary, and so the entire area has been avoided. Given the concern, I took every effort to ensure that the vis sources I discovered were not tainted, and received assurances from the Redcaps that they are not, too. It is possible other sources remain as yet undiscovered, which could make us a powerful covenant in a short amount of time, and another reason I seek seasoned magi and maga to join me. Certainly hermitic magi are permitted, as I lived within the Tribunal for some time before discovering these vis sources. I congratulate you on your droll turn of phrase, by the way. However, once two magi agree to work for a common goal, they become a covenant, and must have a vis source to support their endeavors or be charged with vagrancy.

I feel I must tell you that your education is a bit lacking, but please don’t look upon this as an old man lecturing you. According to my research, there are no Archmagi on record at your present covenant. That they call themselves such suggests they are doddering fools or twilight addled beyond sense. They may be powerful, but they have not taken up a challenge by any other Archmagi, and I know a few. To be called an Archmagi, a magus must meet a challenge designed by an Archmagus they wish to challenge. It is an impressive endeavour to undertake, certainly not something I should ever aspire to, as my interests are more grounded. I mean no disrespect, but is your mater should’ve seen to this education. While I find many ex Miscellanea most puissant in Arts, they sometimes forget significant details of the Order

As to the regio, it is a magically aligned regio. I would not tolerate any other kind of regio. I believe it may be possible to cast the Aegis in such a way as to cover both sides (in the mundane world and in the regio) in one casting, not needing two castings. You knowing the Aegis could be useful, certainly, although I could acquire an Aegis casting tablet or lab text with little difficulty. Casting it with sufficient force is always problematic, so knowing how to commune with your sodales is always useful. I happen to know Wizard’s communion, and when I was a member of a covenant in the past was always part of the casting group for the Aegis. I would judge it to be able to cast a magnitude higher than in places without a magical aura.

There is yet another point lacking in your education, and perhaps you pursue your Arts deeply and don’t have an understanding of the Code of Hermes. Any Magus can renounce his covenant at nearly any time, if he owes debts to his covenant, those are not discharged by his renouncing, nor if debts be owed to him. Joining a covenant is voluntary, and while you may give up certain freedoms when you are a member of one, you cannot give up the basic freedom of deciding to no longer be a member. I believe this is constant throughout the order. Simply write a letter to your Princeps, the Chief Quaesitore of your Tribunal and indicate you’re renouncing the covenant and leave. It is your advantage to detail as many specifics to the circumstances as possible, including debts you owe them and debts they owe you. Once the letter is written, and en route, I suggest leaving quickly.

However, if you are looking to come here, let me say that the time is not yet, right. I am seeking additional Magi to join us, so don’t send the letter off immediately upon your receipt of this letter!


January 15, 1219

Dear Apollodorus,

I thank you for you most recent letter, and offer my heartfelt apologies for the lateness of my reply.

I am still quite interesting in joining your new covenant...all the more so, now, as it appears that my esteemed sodales have been taking advantage of my naivete. It appears that I have much to learn from being in a covenant that is not so insular as what I am accustomed to.

I have, luckily, not yet began any overt preparations for my departure. I do await with great anticipation your next message, and hope that the stars soon align so that your covenant will be ready for the new magi, myself included.

I plan to spend the time until then expanding my knowledge as ever, and ensuring that the ledger is clear between my sodales and myself.

Until such time, I remain


December 18 2019

Dear Fiona,
These last few months have been busy, and now all the pieces are in place. If you can be here in the spring, you can join the new covenant. We have an eclectic mix of magi and maga coming. One is a gently gifted Flambeau, if you've ever heard of such a thing! We have a nature magus of your House, a Verditius and a Criamon coming too.
I have the buildings built, and am busy setting up labs for you to work in. Spacious labs, I might add.

Warmest regards
Apollodorus ex Jerbiton