Fixer Character Discussion

Okay, so I was originally thinking of:

  • Ex Misc (A rusticiani)
  • Jerbiton mentem or imaginem specialist
  • True Merinita

I dropped the first, and began thinking on the third, which is lucky too.

So, for now, I'm going on this:

Aspera of Merinita

A true merinita, who thinks the house should come back to its roots, and that Quendalon was probably an impostor. This doesn't mean that his legacy must be forgotten, or his teachings useless, but the house should be ruled by the followers of the founder, with the faerie teachings secondary.
In short, she seeks a reversal of the current paradigm, although not a total one, and is quite dedicated to this (Driven). The poor thing...

Yet, there's a catch. Her magic uses up life energies. Both her own, and those around her. This has 3 effects:

  • Warped Magic: When she uses magic, plants shrivel and/or living creatures feel weakened (no mechanical effect). Which is bad for a nature maga.
  • Low strength and fragile constitution: Self explanatory. Her own life force is depleted.
  • Anchored to the Forest. The mechanical effects are exactly the same, the explanation is just different: When in a forest, she drains a small part of its energy to supplement her. When settling somewhere, she establishes connections that, while not as efficient, have the same effect. But when traveling in anything save than a forest, she is not getting any energy, and is weakened.

On the up side, that connection allows her to directly pour her life essence into her spells (Life Boost). She is so happy.

It was natural from there to make her something of a necromancer, which goes nicely with merinita, although I may change some things.

So she is a vegetarian vampire?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

First draft had her require a magical aura to live, but I felt I was being cruel enough with the poor thing

Wanted her to be a necromant, but that spot is already taken.

Gotta find something else, but I'm at a loss for the moment :frowning:

Nothing wrong with two necromancers. I will do my best to supply you with plenty of brain dead bodies to convert :slight_smile:.

I'll see... Thanks anyway

Checked the dates and you were there first. I can try to come up with sth else.

Okay, I assumethat you are not doing the necromancer after all. So, I'll take that concept.