Fixing Casting Tablets

Okay, but as an SG, I don't want to run stories like this, I don't want to force the spell on a player, and I don't want to make sure that one NPC magus has it.
YSMV, but this is something I don't want and Casting Tablets fills the hole.
And again, I am trying to warn against this. Nixing or restricting Tablets is not fun and will be a detriment.

Now you've lost me completly I'm afraid.
If you don't want to run that sort of stories and no-one can be bothered to pick up the Aegis on their own, why is there a need for it at all?
Why not simply ignore it and get on with the stories you do want to tell - and ignore that there is no Aegis.

We've been doing fine with them nixed for years.
I remember having a little party about "book casting" not being in the 5th edition when it first came out.