Flam 1204- winter/spring

In January of 1204 a mysterious message is delivered to the covenant:

To the order of Hermes, withdraw yourselves and your church from these lands. The traitor Haakon III, who sought peace with your Church, now lies dead, and others who stand against the religious sovereignty of Norway shall find themselves likewise.

It is signed "The Order of Odin"

Does Flam have Christian or Pagan grogs?

There is no pagan hook for a covenant, though there are hooks that may represent issues that can cause. The covenant is a pagan community.

Upon receiving the note, Hugh first casts a spell to check for active magics. If he senses none, he casts again, this time scrying to see the room around whomever wrote the note.

[ rolls on discord ]

The letter is a link to the writer, not the room, so the room cannot be the target. In this case however it appears that whatever arcane connection there was has faded.

Assuming there is no obvious way to return correspondence, I don't see any further action. Hugh will ask someone that speaks Norse to ask around the covenfolk if they know of any way to contact the Order of Odin; and make sure there is no Christian iconography present in the covenant.

Nobody knows of either.

Hugh says, "Good idea! Let's go."

They will go ask Heimdall.

Heimdal gives his usual greeting that none of the living shall be allowed to pass this day into Valhalla.

"Greetings, Heimdall. As usual, we're her to see you, not to pass. We've received a message from Order of Odin and we were wondering if you could tell us anything about them."

"The followers of Odin have been a part of this land for as long as I can remember..."
What follows is an hour long monologue about various followers and cults following Odin over the last thousand years or so.

Hugh actually finds that interesting and useful, and tries to remember as much as he can.

[Do any of them sound like the Rune Wizards that fought the Diedne?]

There are a couple of factions that were discussed which might fit the bill, but it is hard to be certain. Also of interest to Hugh was the faction of Odinists who went to Greenland and Vinland...

"Heimdall, I find this fascinating, thank you for sharing. Can you tell me more about Vinland?"

'I am forbidden to speak of Vinland with mortals, by Odin's decree."

Hugh bows his head. "I understand. Can you speak of the decree itself?"

" Over 2 centuries ago, when Lief Erickson had disappeared to the west of Greenland, the diviners of the Vikings sought answers as to where he had gone, and then did might Odin decree that nothing should be revealed to them, and none might speak to mortals of the lands beyond the western sea, lest more attempt the journey and possibly rouse Jörmungandr to action."

"I understand."

Hugh has nothing more to ask for now.

"The man who delivered the message was given it by a hooded figure in the town of Filefjell, where the King is building a church over an ancient temple. I would suggest you begin your search there."

Hugh nods and follows.

Once back in the covenant, he casts a couple of spells then is ready to go.

[Sustained Tireless Magus (rolls on discord - all good)


non-f Spont Aura of Ennobled Presence (personal so lvl 5, don't need roll.)]