Mechanically, the Flame Brothers are a Folk Witch cult as well as mercenary company. Most of their captains are ungifted initiates. At a given time there tends to be between 1 and 3 Gifted Brothers as well; These are the ones that tend to go the highest in the hierarchy.

The tradition Favored Abilities are: Firecasting, Hex and Mythic Herbalism (the Major virtues), and Premonitions, 2nd Sight, Flight and Animal Ken as the minor virtues. They also appreciate other abilities like Dowsing, Reserves of Strength or Intuition, and are likely to hire warriors that have them if they can.

Some elite warriors are initiated into some of the Mysteries, but generally Hex and Firecasting is not taught to mundane initiates. They also maintain a fairly high level of education and a group of scholars on pay, since they have found that minor magical items (enriched items) can help them a lot.

For rules, the flame brother grogs use the Vibria Company Almogaver profile that can be found in the wiki:

Here I will list the changes over the basic parameters for each character. That is a +1 to a characteristic (intelligence, perception, communication or presence), a minor personality flaw (plus up to 2 additional flaws to be compensated with virtues) and 100XP to be spent in diverse stuff. Only these changes will be listed for each character. Some of the grogs picked for this adventure are initiated in 2 supernatural abilities with their corresponding flaws (Second sight + missing eye; Flight + Lame).

So, without further ranting, here come the grogs

Concept: gruff veteran sergeant; oversensitive to disrespect (by young ones, especially)

Vicenç is a veteran sergeant. Gruff and oversensitive to the disrespect of the young lads. He lacks an eye but can see spirits. And your bad intentions too, laddie, so stay quiet. Damned younglings... Miquel! Keep your thoughts to yourself or I will have to show you the taste of my boot!

Presence +1

Second Sight, Missing Eye, Oversensitive (disrespect)

Flame Brothers Org 2 (15)
Leadership (soldiers) 3 (15)
Magic Lore 3 (15)
Second Sight 3 (25)
Tactics 2 (15)

Weapons: 15 pts
Equipment +1/+1 sword; +2 armor
Combat -3 missile, -1 attk (one eye)

-3 missile attack

Leader (max in group = 4)
Max group bonus = +12 (+9 if not soldiers)

Concept: Medic; Dutybound

In stark contrast with quite a few of his companions, Bartomeu does not possess any supernatural abilities and has not been initiated. Arnau has picked him for his mission for his skills as a chirurgeon. He has a keen ability with the cauterization methods. He does not like the level of butchery that the Brothers sometimes implement and has faced a few heated discussions about that. Still, the Brothers respect him a lot since their life will be pending on his operation knives in the future for sure.

Perception +1


Balearic Islands Lore 1 (5)
Chirurgy 5 (75)
Flame Brothers Org 2 (15)
Swim 0 (1)
Tactics 0 (1)

Equipment: 3 pts
Equipment: +1 armor. Good armor (he is valuable)


Concept: Vanguard. The Sight, Grim. Always talks about Death. (Second Sight)

Pau is he vanguard of the group. Pau is a fairly large and tough competent fighter. He centers in his role as point man and is one of the best warriors in the company. He is outfitted by the best arms and armor the company can provide and he is a deadly fighter using them. He is missing an eye, since his leaders wanted him to be able to see and fight invisible beings and so initiated him to Second Sight. However, this did not go well. Pau is one of the reasons why the Flame Brothers are investing in enriched items to get warriors able to see the invisible world; he is not the only one to develop a pessimistic streak as a consequence of his abilities. He tends to complain at the futility of life, and has a common complaint about the inadequacy of his own name (Pau meaning Peace in Catalan) given his trade in this stage of being.

Perception +1

Tough, Second Sight, Missing Eye, Missing ear, Pessimist

Craft: torture 1 (5)
Flame Brothers Org 1 (5)
Second Sight 4 (45)
Swim 0 (1)

Equipment: 24 pts
+2/+2 sword; +1 shield; +1 armor.
Combat -3 missile, -1 attk (missing eye)

-3 missile attack

Concept: Flame in training; Something to show (reckless). Flight

Bernat is being tested to see if he has the mettle to become a captain of the Flame Brothers. He is certainly being tested and feels like he needs to prove himself (reckless). He has not been initiated into Firecasting, but he has been initiated into the art of flying and has a perforated stone like Arnau (second sight). He is younger than the other flame brothers and usually accompanies Arnau in his airborne missions.

Intelligence +1

Flight, Lame, Reckless

Flight 3 (25)
Flame Brothers Org 2 (15)
Speak Castilian 2 (15)
Tactics 2 (15)

2nd Sight item (18)

Equipment: 12 pts
Equipment +1/+1 sword, +1 shield, +1 armor
Combat -1 init -1at, -1 def (lame)


Concept: Speaker for the grogs (union leader); Weakness (talk back). Flight

Miquel has a bad relationship with authority. This includes his sergeant and his commander. He is still a loyal warrior and a competent fighter, but he will question them and talk back if they correct him. This also places him as a kind of tragic “people’s hero” for the other flame brothers when they feel mistreated, and so he tends to be picked to express the base soldiery disaffection if that is the case. He has quite some friends among the base ranks. This good manipulation has made him a competent negotiator, even if he tends to overdo it if management pushes a harsh agenda. He is still a trusted warrior, and Arnau has him covering his back more often than not when doing airborne infiltration operations.

Communication +1

Flight, Lame, Weakness (talk back)

Flight 3 (25)
Flame Brothers Org 1 (5)
Speak Arabic 3 (30)
Balearic Is. Lore 1 (5)
Bargain 3 (25)
Swim 0 (1)

Equipment: 9 pts
+1/+1 sword, +1 shield
Combat -1 init -1 at, -1 def (lame)


Edited the grogs to put them in line with the new rules for enriched items and items of quality.