Flameproof Gloves

How would one go about making a pair of gloves that completely protected the wearer from fire. PeIg? MuCo? Some version of the ReIg spell Ward Against Heat and Flames? I prefer using MuCo but what guidelines?

In Hermetic magic there is always several ways to skin a cat :slight_smile: This one you show is just one example.

Other options are the ReIg you mention, MuCo to make you fireproof (maybe with a Te requisite?). Other options can be a CrAq effect that constantly makes the gloves wet or coated in ice: not fireproof but something that heavily downplays the effects of heat and flames, even if quite messy.


I´ld say taht the Fo requisite if you use MuFo depends upon the material about the gloves are made: Animal to leather, wool or silk, Herbam to linen... and so for and no necessarily Terram. On the Corpus example i imagine the Ignem requiste, with Hermetic projects with a good way to start the project.
But like you say Xavi, tehre plenty of ways to make it possible.

OK, say the magus wants to be able to put on his magic item and actually stand in a huge fire while working with metals. Hold the hot metals in his hands and manipulating them. Reach into forges and carry out alchemical functions without using tongs and suchlike to handle hot retorts etc.
I was thinking MuCo with an Ig requisite. Unless he's doing it nude I'd have to include An and He. Unfortunately the guidelines for MuCo only go up to giving +5 soak. What base would be complete resistance to fire? 20? 25?

Every magnitud added works to increase the damage soaked, i think taht one +3 Magnitudes work to one +20 to soak; but i think taht in effect any damage less or equal is not harmfull at all.

The base is Rego Ig level 4 for stopping burning (pg 143). To protect the wearer you need to add one to touch. Then you need to add another magnitude for each +5 over +5 damage you want to ward against. So basically the max fire protection is the level. Then you need to add duration, uses per day, and whatever else you want.

Anyway, the key effect for protection for fire the rego ig level 4. It protects against flame up to +5. Each extra magnitude adds +5 to the protection. Its not "fireproof", a big enough flame will go straight through the ward. Although the way magic works a combination of parma and this ward will work quite well.

There's only so much you can RAWly do with human body, anything above that requires Troupe's judgement.

Ward Against the Heat and Flame is ReIg25, you should add an extra magnitude because MuCo can't be as good, but drop a magnitude because you need requisite to protect your clothes. So MuCo25 should give you +15 Soak againt fire.

Now that's not complete resistance, but just rule out that forge fires are +15 damage and it should solve your problem.

If you really want something like Greater Immunity (Fire) Major Supernatural Virtues, you should pay the same 3 Virtue points. Using RoP:M Personnal Power (x2) + Improved Powers, that would be 50 spell levels. Therefore, complete immunity should be close to MuCo45 (removing 5 for constant effect). Compare to MoH Ranulf ReIg35 Ward Against Immolation.

For gloves alone -

A (personal) ward on the gloves. Like super oven mitts.

For standing in fire: Make the gloves cast a ward on you. Unlimited x/day, item maintains concentration. Just don't forget to put on the gloves before standing inside a furnace :smiley:.

Each according to his gifts. Different specialists will handle the difference in myriad ways, all according to their particular gifts.

Although, I would suggest that the CrAq one might be problematic, because the water will likely get vaporized and term to steam, and I think steam burns were somewhat understood in the medieval paradigm.... But I don't feel like researching to confirm that, right now.

Raw soak is never enough to provide complete protection from fire. If you have a billion soak you can still botch a non-combat damage roll. Sure its only a 1% chance of botching, but that still means it will get through once every ten minutes standing around in the fire. (On average). Or you could ignore RAW. And botching against even a +10 fire? You could be down for the count. Even a +5 fire has nearly a 50% chance of an ugly heavy wound on a botch.

Or you could actually read Ward Against Heat and Flames before putting your foot in your mouth.

No need to be mean, Tugdual :wink:

True about the steam thing. The CrAq thing was just a way to show that you can do it in other ways. An aquam specialist certainly will have an easier time dealing with the steam (maybe another spell) than the fire :slight_smile: Ignem is better here for sure, though.

The furnace with the (naked or not) magus oinside is certainly a strong image. I would also prefer ReIg for the effect, since I think it is the easiest one, but other options are necessary. ;MuCo will certainly need requisites for terram or equivalent in order to make you resistant enough to fire to ignore it.

Once again the soak will not protect you from fire. So the +15 soak will not grant immunity to a candle. If you think it should have other effects mention them. Or do you that a MuCo can somehow completely copy the ward?

Well, the RAW, printed version of the Ward Against Heat and Flames has the other stated effect, which, I think is why Tugdual not so subtly said you should read the spell...