"Flesh" prothesis ?

Would It be possible to make flesh prothesis with the standard Necromancer package but with the "part" parameter "added" via MutoVim spell

Let's say :
-A corpse for a Day (CrCo20)
-Awaken the slumbering corpse(ReCo25)

-MuVi Wizard's partition (corporem)
(voice, sun, ind)
The target of the corporem spell is increased by 1 magnitude from individual to part.
The target spell must be at least 3 magnitude lower than this spell.


I'd imagine that for something like this to happen, one would need to conduct research, and for one or more breakthroughs to accomplish.

What kind of hermetic limitation would It need to overcome according to You ? Giving mental command to a dead body part instead of a whole corpse ?

I can see it being a "poor's man prothesis" compare to an enchanted device that actively reads you intentions like this : Hermeic Prosthetics

Indeed with this spell you would need to actively concentrate to make it move but on the other hand you could do some "Addams family's Thing" trick.

Breakthroughs are not just to overcome hermetic limitations. They can also be used to integrate knowledge from other sources, or to add a new ability to the one researching it.

In this case, maybe research how to graft a limb to a subject without it causing warping, with the added benefit of possibly gaining something extra from unusual limbs. So grafting the hand from a giant might give you greater strength, or the ability to carry more,

Three considerations.

  1. I do not think a simple MuVi alteration of Awaken the Slumbering Corpse would work: it's one thing to have, say, an artificial leg that responds to your "instinctive will for movement", well-coordinated with the other leg -- and another thing entirely to have a leg that moves on its own responding to your simple verbal commands ("Take one step forward. Ok, now take another step..").
  2. That said, I think in principle you could research a spell that animates an undead prothesis -- or, say, a bronze one all cogs and pistons -- so that it acts on the instinctive will of the "bearer". It would require no breakthroughs. It may, or may not, require InMe requisites (I am tempted to say it would not -- as it is the "natural" thing for an arm, even a mechanical arm, to act on its owner's will). The caster's Finesse would definitely play a large part in how fine the user's control is.
  3. Finally, let's not forget that a missing arm, leg, hand etc. stemming from a Flaw must have some intrinsic reason why it cannot be easily fixed by something like this, or it would not be a Flaw. Though if the amputation arose from some in-game accident, it would certainly be ok.
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2/ I would take at least a Me requisite as that's needed to mentally control undead corpse.

I would say it cannot be fixed permanently by a single ritual, but an ongoing magic item or an often cast spell is a fine way to handle it. Otherwise it feels like saying "The Small Frame flaw means I can't cast spells to make you bigger." A single Incantation of the Body Made Whole won't fix it, but a complicated series of layered spells to create a new limb and then control it seems perfectly okay to me.