Flexibility of Enchanted Items

In your Saga, how flexible are enchanted items?

Say for example that I wanted to create a magical mirror which would let me percieve a number of locations for which I already have the ACs. I will be using an enchantment similar to Summoning the Distant Image and for the moment I won't worry about the Code against scrying.

The mirror must then be enchnated how?

  1. Once, i will then be able to percieve any place to which I hold an AC.
  2. Once, i will then be able to percieve any place to which the mirror holds an AC (a small drawer could perhaps be intergrated into the mirror frame).
  3. Once, i will then be able to percieve any place to which the mirror holds an AC, but said ACs must be integrated into the device (again, mirror frame) at the time of creation.
  4. Multiple times, once each for each location (ACs intergrated into device at the time of manufacture).
  5. Other (please explain).

Salvete, Sodales!

I'd go for option 2. It's the mirror which is casting the magical effect, so it should be insignificant what you are holding. But when you create a BoAF-wand you don't decide just to hit a specific target, either, so I don't see a reason to restrict this effect to just one location.

Alexios ex Miscellanea

Although sometimes I think I would prefer option 3, I believe option 2 fits the rules very well. Certainly options 3 and 4 do not fit with published stuff. I agree with Alexios on the holding of the connection. Thus I think option 2 is best.


I go with 2 myself.. but I'd allow 3 so that the AC is built into the item and made permanent for an extra +1 Vis (with no season spent wasted on it), simply because it's cooler that way.

I would take option 3 myself. I am unconfortable with items that are so flexible. So you can have a wand of DEO that can take on ALL demons out there if you have an AC to them? I prefer my deo wand to be specifically designed to deal with Faringebb, the Demon of Wratrh that has been hunting my magus, and that I have been researching for a year. If suddenly Sparringebb comes along as well, loading a new AC into the DEO shotgun sounds lame to me.


nice one!

Yeah thats a good variation on it.

2 but with the option for 3 is my own preference. Might allow #1 by raising the level of the invested spell a bit.
4 simply no, it would just make it too painfully slow for anyone to make use of it then.

I think that every possiblity is a way by rules, but to differents uses. One only place scryed had the point to be permanent, one with differents but afixed too, but i think that a variable Arcane conection still being Mythical and to next to the Ritual of the Scrying Pool (afixed to a Boundary). Certainly a very amount of Arcane Conections still being Fixed or searched.

I like 2 myself. For example, let's say you have a magus standing over a smal enchanted pool. He needs an arcane connection to scry something far away, and it must be in a liquid form (just for the sake of mood). He pours it into the pool, and the images begin to take shape in the ripples. I like it. :slight_smile: