Flexible Formulaic Magic

Is it possible to learn a spell, or invent a spell, for target Part, so you can flex it up for group, or down for individual? How about a spell like Pilum of Fire, that reallly doesn’t have a use case for Part?

As long as T:Part makes sense for a spell, you can of course invent the spell with T:Part.

If, on the other hand, T:Part just doesn't make any sense for a given spell, then I don't see how you would be able to invent that spell with T:Part.


Regarding Pilum, it should actually be possible to create a Part Pilum. After all, a base Individual for Ignem is "a large campfire" (A&A defines a base Individual as an 1 cubic pace fire).

In theory you could use Part to create a flame smaller than 1 cubic pace (causing less damage, I'd say). And since Part can be as big as Individual, you could even make it the size of a standard Pilum and cause full damage. This could be interesting as a spell to allow fine control over how much you want to burn your target.

But for some Forms and spells Part indeed makes no sense (in particular I'd note Mentem and Vim), and on that I agree with Erik that inventing a Part spell shouldn't be possible.


That's a very creative reading. Part is supposed to target a part of a larger whole, and if you could create a part fire, there would be no whole for the target to be part of, so how could the part exist? I find the idea of a Creo spell with Part target rather bizarre.

I agree with @ErikT btw.


Creo spells that actually create something can't use T:Part. Only T:Ind and T:Group are allowed.
See core rule book p113.

So no, you can't invent a Pilum with T:Part.

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Say that for CrCo spells to regrow limbs. =9

But generally I concur. Part of an object will usually be an object on it's own and not require Part. That's even more so for amorphous things. That's why the only actual use I could see of a Part Pilum is to modulate the size, and I agree that this is somehow a stretch.

Good call.

In that case disregard my comment.

The severed limb made whole is Ind target.

In the Magi of Hermes, there is a Criamon researching how to make Chimeras; Marcus.

He specializes in organs and limbs for his spells, and has a couple of spells that create individual organs or limbs, which I believe utilize Part Target.

Spells he created as part of his Original Research, so they should not be expected to follow all the normal rules

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Many of them invented normally, rather than resulting from an integration from a Non-Hermetic source (there is the "Pair" Target spell that actually is one), and a couple of them not resulting in any insight at all. Those absolutely shouldn't have any weirdness about them.

Invented using experimentation - as is always the case when doing Original Research.
There should absolutely be at least something odd about all of them.

Otherwise there is no reason for why they break the rules.

There is no reason for them to break rules at all unless they do result in some sort of discovery or breakthrough. The spells made by Marcus make perfect sense within the lines of what Hermetic Magic should be able to do; creating organs or body parts, explicitly even in the event where he gains nothing from them for his research.

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@Damiancharon Answering your question:
It is possible but it is not worth it.

As you could see: Creo Technique spells are problematic bc there is an axiom in the system.

If you want to use the Real Power(Tm) of the FlexForm Magic, than you have to think in a little bit more complex way. :smiley:

First of all you can use a couple of ReCo spells with Target: Part which stay understandable and rational with Ind. Part and Group target. Just to get the way of thinking :smiley:
Ex: ReCo lvl20 Base 4, +2 V, +1 C, +1 P - Like RISE OF THE FEATHERY BODY, but you can use the spell to A, rise a person; B, Rise a person's limb; C, rise a group of people. You can use the same logic to modify the spell effect in other Rego spells.

I think the best way to design spells is simple: the only important factor is that you design them with R: Touch and D: Concentration/Diameter.

When you need, you can change the R to Persoal to effect yourself. When you need you can change the R to Voice to effect somebody/thing in voice range.

When you want to use Sight range or Arcane Connection range, just don't! :slight_smile:
Use an Intangible Tunnel instead. You can see the The Evil Eye variant in the Hermetic Project book. It is with R: Sight and D: Diam. You can bend it with Flex.Form.M. to use it as R: AC. Learn it, master it! (Penetration and Magic Resistance)
Ex: The Evil Eye - ReVi lvl5 Base 1, +3 S, +1 D - The spell creates a conduit, a certain kind of arcane tunnel in between the caster and the target. This version of the spell can channel effects no greater than lvl10.

Learn a second varian of the Tunnel: Touch range with higher capacity to conduit,a nd use it through The Evil Eye. That is how you never have to learn/use spells with Sight or AC range.
Ex: The Unsensed Touch - ReVi lvl5 Base 4, +1 T, M. Ind. - he spell creates an Intangible Tunnel for a lvl 25 Spell. (You can bend this to Diameter)

When you think you would need a spell with D: Sun or Moon, again, just don't! Use a ReVi Maintain effect instead! You can use it on your own spells with R: Touch. If you design one with R: Touch and D: Sun you can maintain your own spells for Diameter, Sun or Moon bc you can bend the spell with Flex.Form.M.
Ex: Maintain My Own Decent Spell - ReVi lvl20 Base 5, +1 T, +2 S - The spell can maintain another spell no greater than lvl15 for its own duration .
Used via The Evil Eye you can maintain spells cast by you on yourself or on others.

All in all you need a "Base Arsenal" of spells sum level 30 - which is:

  • Maintain My Own Decent Spell - ReVi lvl20
  • The Unsensed Touch - ReVi lvl5
  • The Evil Eye - ReVi lvl5

With this arsenal you can tap the real power of Flexible Formulaic Magic, and you can design and use spells as flexible as they were like 5 or 6 different spells.

Who needs big Creo Ignem spells when you can hide and use your Tunnel effects and penetrate on Touch range with your wide-range arsenal of high penetration lvl5 spells? :smiley:


But it is still not possible according to the rules to use Creo to create something using T:Part.
Which is perfectly logical since there is nothing that the newly created thing is a part of.

Why not note that +size is part of the Target, not separate.

Each Target level includes all of the possible sizes of that target, even though the spell level changes. The size of the target can be manipulated in the same way as the Target parameter, whether through Virtues...

So Individual +1 size can be bumped up to Group or down to Individual without the +1 size. You can Creo a large something into existence with Individual +1. You can do quite a few other things as well. This is much easier than finding crazy Part stuff, though sometimes you might like Part.

The alternative, which requires some agreement with the troupe and might not work at all tables, is target Pair. But callen has a good point, which will work for several arts, although not all.

FFM explicitly states that spell level may be changed to change r/d/t by one step. Ind +size 1 is still two steps away from the group target.

Individual size +1 is one magnitude away from group (+2) without size modifier.

But going from Ind +1 Size to Group +0 Size still seems like more than one step of change, even if the final magnitude only changes by one step.

Ind -> Group is two steps. Size +1 -> Size +0 might be considered another step, or be included in the change from Ind to Group.

FFM only allows one change.