Floor plans?

I don't want to go all D&D but has anyone posted any floor plans for their covenants? Or some generic plans?

I don't by any means use floor plans in the dungeon sense but all whom I play with appreciate some kind of rough idea of what is where.


I did for my old 3rd edition covenant - one of the players made pretty pictures of what the tower looked like on the inside.
I don't think any of my current covenants have floor plans. :frowning:

We played the same Covenant for 20 years (real time) and could never agree what the place actually looked like.

So no.

This is why you have someone magic it up and they can arbitrarily decide its looks.

Depends. We have no map of Lumen Australis, our latest covenant. Some older covenants were mapped out in detail, down to the furniture in the rooms. Triamore has also been used and it is also maped. Right now I am starting to develop a covenant, and I will be using the manor house of Stokesay Castle ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stokesay_Castle ) sans the gatehouse for the covenant buildings.


The covenant of Laurus Argenti (for the PbP saga Via Experimenta) has a decent set of maps on its wiki:

I love the maps made for Harn. You can find lots of fan made maps for example:


Here is a covenant with floor plans, maps of the surroundings etc.: myweb.tiscali.co.uk/thelemur/ars/ars_magica.html


Anyone knows of a good program to create floor plans of stone buildings that have a medieval look?

I can recommend the Neverwinter-Nights-Toolkit :slight_smile:

Besides that, there is Campaign-Cartographer, Map-Tools and a couple more out there...

There was TabletopForge on google+ once, but that has merged into Roll20

hth, fury

I was searching for something that would allow me to create maps like the ones in the Triamore covenant book. Would that be feasible with the se tools yo suggest? I perused them but did not find anything like that. More cartoonish. Or payment so didn't check.

You could also try Grid Cartographer. It's more for dungeon floorplans, and the full version costs money (the demo is quite limited), but it's quite cheap and really easy to use.