Not all of them yet. I've gone by feel, putting things that seem like they should have been known to the order for a while in earlier folios and leaving a lot of space in the timeline. So for example the first folio I've admitted to was produced in 948 and contained the tractatus introducing Ring and Circle.


Folios are also a nice way to introduce new guidelines from supplements.

If you start from the corebook, you may have them introduced either as breakthroughs in hermetic magic, or as someone finding a new, smart way to use existing knowledge, depending on what the guideline does and your feeling about it.


There is a Folio of 1227 in Peripheral Code 1.

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Just as an update, I have compiled a file with various Folios, including the 1227 from Peripheral Code 1, and the great many Folios does in Bob's thread, though I left out some of them, and changed/added to others. and from others who replied both here and on the Discord. I currently have 29 Folios mapped, out of the 59 I came up with, up to and including, the Folio of 1227. Once I am satisfied with the file, and fill in the remaining Folios, I will post the link to it in this thread.
If you have ideas for Folios, feel free to send them my way... there's still 30 more to fill, most of them old ones.

Do you have a Folios with the varies characters from Legends of Hermes?

No matter what, one with Conciatta's work would have come out in the early to mid 900's. Most likely a tractatus on Vim or Magical Theory (though a Lab Text is possible if you need space efficiency) and a very important item that everyone in the Order currently uses.

Not currently, but it will be there. But there's a Folio with a Tractatus by someone else whose work was similar to hers, and a note that after she published, he was accused of plagiarism...

Looking forward to see what you make. That being said, I'm not sure how much value there is to a folio that is from the first century or two of the Order, unless you think it's important to date when Conjuring the Mystic Tower and Aegis of the Hearth were published. There's also a good chance a Folio wasn't formally published until it became necessary to select from the various research projects which one was most worthy of being shared.

According to HoH:TS, the Folios started at the beginning of the 9th century. I, arbitrarily, decided that the first council was formed in 807, and therefore the first published Folio was in 815 or so. So after the Aegis was created I believe.

But I tend to play with both "cheap" teleportation and effective Longevity Rituals being very very recent discoveries, to explain why the order hasn't fully grasped all the implications of these breakthroughs. This is something I didn't want to present as the default.


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