Had too much time on my hand, since am down with Covid, and was interested in learning more about the Bonisagus Folios. There's no exact date on the first Folio, but the text in HoH:TL says that it started in the early ninth century.

As i said, I have time on my hand, so i used simple Excel to find the dates of the Rhine Tribunal years, to know what years it might have started. And yes, I accounted for Grand Tribunal dates. The first Rhine tribunal of the 9th century was in 801. I took some liberty to assume it might have been two Tribunals after it, so in 808 they formed the first committee, which published it's Folio in 815. That means that as of 1221, there have been 59 Folios published.

But this post isn't just about how many folios there are. Have you used the Folios in your game? what year Folio appeared? and what were it's contents?

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I did use it. I had the covenant bid on the folio reception date as in the book. After roughly three tribunal period, the covenant from my first game has received only one. These were the stats for it:

Text detail Arts & level Notes
Coerce the Spirit of the Night ReMe 20 Extra Duration Sun (Experiment)
Edge of the Razor MuTe 20 Bonus applies to crafting tools (Experiment)
Lay to Rest the Haunting Spirit PeMe 25 Requisite (Intellego), Steal one answer from the spirit's mind if vanquished
Enduring Flame MuIg 10 Illuminates Underwater (Experiment)
Eyes of the Eagle InIm 25 Halves Range Penalties (Experiment)
Feeding the Font of the Covenant CrVi 50 First time this concept is published
Playing with Magic Auras Magic Theory Tractatus Quality 5 Required to understand new Vim spell guidelines from RoP:M re: Auras

Which year was that Folio from?

In my former game, this was the "Folio of 1237" since my players started as apprentices, this was the first folio published after their gauntlet.

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Several years ago, I crowdsourced a Bonisagus Folio right here on these forums. The original thread is here:

I edited the results and, with the permission of the authors, published it in Peripheral Code #1, which can be found here:

I’m happy to send you a copy.


I was inspired by that very post to give my party a Folio early on as a "congrats on graduating here's something to start you off": the Folio of 1194

I also gave them the following description to try and make it feel more like a real book than just "ok write +5 in one box":


Thanks! I have a copy of it, and will be nice to add it to a game am in, but am looking for past Folios.
Folios that were published long ago, and have finally made their way to their Spring Covenant, or maybe old Folios found in the library of their Summer/Autumn/Winter Covenant.

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In one saga, now in its third year real time, we introduce a folio roughly every seven years. The covenant was about fifty years old when the saga started (Elk's Run in Hibernia), and a few years after the PCs joined the covenant in 1217, the first, fifty-year old folio appeared. Oswald, with his keen interest in the library, had made a quite decent bid for their place in the queue in the early days of the covenant. They paid 3p vis to have it for three season, as pre-arranged half a century earlier, not enough to copy it in its entirety, as it happens.

A few years later they had the opportunity to bid for the Folio of 1221. They would have to pay 2p + 2p/season to have it within the first few years. They did not take any action, and stuck with old habit, and to be fair, they did not have the scribes to deal with more books at the time, anyway.

Furthermore, older folios started to appear, having completed their tour of the Order in about a century. The redcaps offer to deliver them for only one pawn for two seasons or two pawns for five.

After I designed the first few folios, the players now take turns designing them. We are not too worried about timing, here, since the books easily get delayed in transport. What is a a few years in medieval mail service?

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Would love to see the Folios you've done, and if possible, the year of their publication.

These are the annals of the saga. It is a mess, but all the folios introduced are there, somewhere.

I am not too happy with their design. Most are too dull to live up to Bonisagus' ideals of invention and experiment. The first designs are also probably a bit over-powered. I hope to do better in the future.


Keep in mind that a lot of standard spells have probably appeared in earlier folios, with the lower level ones being largely in the earliest folios.

I did a 30 folio thread a while back

Where most of the folios were back-hacked to show how magic had improved since Bonisagus's day. Breakthroughs that were important in the past but now are the default.

The last one posted was the only one created in play, and is over the 35 standard point buy.



I love that thread! I just wish it had dated them, from which year came which Folio.

Yes, I took a lot of ideas therefrom in our folios.

Wherefrom do you have those 35 as a standard? I find 35 a little weak, more like a minimum than a standard.

I didn;t want to be too prescriptive as to what happened in what order.

The example in TL has a 35 buy, so I used that to not have power creep.

While that is understandable, there never was any risk. We know how to disregard prescriptions which do not suit us.

yeah, I too think 35 should be the minimum, and not the standard

My players seem to have caught the folio bug. I've been mostly using Bob's incredibly useful work, and introduced a copy of an old folio sat forgotten in a dusty corner of Cad Gadu when the players arrived to copy whatever they could get away with. From that start, they have just organised Stonehenge Tribunal to bid as a consortium for new folios and make copies of old ones they come across, all formally made known and available to any mage in the Tribunal.

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Did you set a year for each Folio?