Thirty for November: Bonisagus Folios.

[edit after forum ressurection: The new formatting is not compatible with the old system, so I will (when time allows after term has finished) be reposting these in a more readable format togther with some more that I have in stock]

I thought I could generate some ready-made Folio's for groups to slot into play. They are a faff to create, so this allows a SG to just pick one off the shelf.

My main aim will be to present past break-throughs, so as to imply that the order has been refining magic, and the current guidelines are not some unchanging perfection. The Folios will be also a source of "standard spells", thus explaing why the core book has that particular set of spells to start with, including "legacy spells"

If I introduce a genuinely new guideline I will try to remember to put it in bold.

So here is the first:

Document Stats Notes
Animal Tractatus Quality 7 brings `create a mammal’ down to base 15 from Base 20
Aquam Tractatus Quality 7 introduces the ‘control water in an extremely gentle way’ guideline
Spell Mastery Tractatus: Aegis of the Hearth Quality 5 Teaches Safe Casting Mastery
Spell Mastery tractatus:Cheating the Reaper Quality 5 Teaches Safe Casting Mastery
Lab Text: Lungs of the Fish MuAq 20 Non-Standard Spell
Lab text: True sight of Air In Au 15 Non-Standard Spell
Lab text: Quiet the ranging winds Pe Au 20 Brings in the `winds do not return for at least an hour’ statement.

The Spell Mastery Tractaus were included at the insistance of the Colens leader, Agnes ex Bonisagus who had heard to many case of botches for these important spells. The Mastery removes all botch dice for rituals under unstressed circumstances.

Hopefully I will make it to the end of November!

Bob Dillon

Document Stats Notes
Vim Tractatus Quality 8 contains musings on the nature of Vim in relation to creation of Magical Animals
Terram Tractatus Quality 9 meditations on the reproduction of gemstones and their life-cycles
Magic Theory Tractatus Quality 6 Introduces Target Pair: Same level as Group
Lab text: The Shrouded Glen ReMe 40 Spell Breaks Guidelines
Lab text: Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 20 Spell Breaks Guidelines
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Day 3:

Document Stats Notes
Herbam Tractatus Quality 8 Interesting Properties of Magical Plants
Magic Lore Tractatus Quality 10 Where to Find Magical Plants in The Rhine Tribunal
Lab Text: Stone Tell of the Mind that Sits InTe 30 Side effect, Stone develops a mouth
Lab Text: Ball of Abysmal Flame Cr Ig 30 Side Effect: Target glows for a diameter afterwards
Lab Text: Veil of Invisibility Pe Im 20 Side Effect: When Dispelled, it lasts for an additional round.

This is the canonical example, but as the book said that they try to include quirky things, I added beneficial side effects to the spells quoted.

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I love that one. I can imagine the Bonisagi examining the target and arguing "see! It glows", "eeer, it's on damn fire, of course it glows", "no, look, not just the fire. The glow, there!", "ok, I can't see anything but flames, we need to cast it on something who burns faster, any ideas?", and so on.

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Document Stats Notes
Lab text: Maintaing the demanding spell ReVi 20 Establishes base guideline of level +2.
Lab text: Prison of Flames Re Ig 20 Included for cosmetic `Castle’ Effect
Lab text: The many Hued Conflagration MuIg 5 Included for not needing an Imaginem Requisite
Lab text: Tales of the Ashes InIg 5 Included as every Caster needs this essential spell
Aquam Tractatus Quality 8 Location of Rivers in the Provencal Tribunal
Ignem Tractatus Quality 9 On the Fire spirits of Mount Etna
Magic Lore Tractatus Quality 8 On the behaviour of Water spirits

This Colens, Hosted at Aedes Mercurii, was dominated by a Maga Bonisagus, Phillipa who was originally taken from a Flambeau Parens, and the selection reflects her passions.

The two Art Tractautus, also give 1XP in the relevant Area Lores.

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Document Stats Notes
Magic Theory tractatus Quality 4 Explains how to make Arcane connections permanent
LabText: The Crystal Dart Re Te 10 Side effect:The dart sparkles and sings as it flies
Lab Text: Pilum of Fire CrIg 20 Side effect:The casters hands become slightly warm
Lab Text: The Great Rot PeHe 25 Side Effect: Plant products handled by the caster turn brown until next sunrise/sunset.
Magic Lore Tractatus Quality 7 On the Nature of Bees
Perdo Tractatus Quality 9 On the Natural decay of animal Carcasses
Animal Tractatus Quality 8 With notes on the variability of litter sizes in pigs

An Early Colens, the Major breakthrough that allowed Arcane Connections to be permanent, was rightfully deserving of a place, however the Magus who uncovered it preferred to remain anonymous. Naturally speculation at the time wondered if they had stolen someone else’s work. Whispers were also made that the Primus of House Guernicus had insisted on its inclusion, otherwise the discoverer would have had too much power to disrupt the Order. House Guernicus denied all such allegations.

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Day 6

Document Stats Notes
Lab Text: Demon’s Eternal Oblivion PeVi 30 Is a Potent Spell, Includes +12 potency bonus from Red Coral and Frankincense
Lab Text: Clenched Grasp of the Crushed Heart Pe Co 40 Potent Spell, Includes +8 Bonus from a human skull with Green Turquoise eyes
Vim tractatus Quality 8 On the destruction of Ghosts
Magic Theory Tractatus Quality 10 A very clear explanation of arcane connections
Lab text: Eyes of the Cat Mu Co 5 The caster can choose the eye colour at the time of casting but not thereafter.

The potent spells were submitted by a Magus with a Potency in Destruction. Possibly as a way of intimidating rivals. Note that casters cannot use potent spells unless their Magic Theory at least equals the potency.

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Of course, who can go even a single session without four castings of Tales of the Ashes, that's why the characters need to have it as a formulaic, to escape the botch dice.

I really like the way you're putting development of hermetic theory in these.

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Day 7

Document Stats Notes
Lab Text:Gather the Essence of the Beast ReVi 15 Base used to be 15
Lab text: Scales of the Magical Weight ReVi 15 Base used to be 5
Magic Lore Tractatus Quality 10 Magical Beasts of the Po Valley
Magic Lore Tractatus Quality 10 Magical Plants of the Po Valley
Magic theory Tractatus Quality 9 Interactions between Divine and Magical Aurae in the Roman Tribnal

Produced the Covenant of Literatus in the Roman Tribunal, this Folio was influenced by the relative scarcity of Vis. The local Magi put in a great deal of effort trying to optimize hermetic magic’s ability to find and quantify Vis

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I'm glad you like it! my problem is that I want to show development but not run ahead of the main book, so I have tried to reverse engineer the breakthroughs of the past. I will eventually have to break and introduce some actual new stuff, or just do boring spells, but I hope not for a week at least.


You already put in Target pair.

I meant big breakthroughs that require breakthrough points. New targets and things like shape material bonuses I consider fair game. Integrating virtues, not so much.


Some ideas for historical breakthroughs:
the invention of more resilient enchanted items (ala City and Guild).
the creo vim spells from the core book that apparently create permanent magical effects (shell of false determination and the like)
size modification for target group spells
using muto vim on one's own spells
applying a magical sense target on an animal
applying a magical sense on another person


Day Eight:

Document Stats Notes
Lab Text: The gift of Vigour ReCo 20 Establishes the only Hermetic Spell to positively affect Fatigue
Magic Theory Tractatus Quality 9 Explains how to accelerate the decay of Arcane connections, Establishes the Base 5: decay by one step guidline
Corpus Tractatus Quality 11 An examination in relation to the Four humours
Lab text: Pilum of Fire CrIg 20 Side effect Caster’s hands smell of Sulphur
Ignem Tractatus Quality 7 Notes on the effects of fire on the four Humours

Research is guided by fashion as much as policy. Sometimes there is great chatter about a single topic. The order was for a few years enthused about the possibilty of restoring fatigue, possibly by considering how to bolster the `fire' in one's blood. The Gift of Vigour was the only solid fruit of these researches.

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cool ideas! I'll definitely be nicking some of them!


Day Nine

Document Stats Notes
Magic Theory Tractatus Quality 10 Explains how to make Longevity Rituals that work more effectively for creatures aligned with the Magic Realm
Creo Tractatus Quality 10 With notes on specific applications to Longevity rituals
Lab text: Stance of the Patient Tree MuCo(He) 35 Originally Potent Magic spell, experimentation means that there is no minimum magic theory needed for prop.
Lab Text: Shiver of the Lycanthrope InAn 10 Side effect, caster’s hands do not tremble touching, the sensation is purely mental.
Lab Text: Seal the Earth CrTe 15 Side Effect, small stones created with the dirt in this spell. They are always perfectly octahedral.
Lab Text: Phanstasm of the talking head Cr Im 10 Side effect, the face always looks like the caster.

A very noteworthy Folio, published relatively (choose a date plausible for your saga) recently. Before this publication, longevity rituals had the same potency for both mundanes and Magi, i.e. Lab Total/10. Some say that the researcher, Agnes of Bonisagus was sponsored in her researches by House Tremere, and that they provided the … subjects … for her experimentation. No link has been proven.

Due to the popularity of this folio, the associated spells, are well disseminated despite their relative uselessness

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Day 10 (sorry it is late, work intervened)

Document Stats Notes
Lab text: Cloak of Black Feathers MuCo(an) 30 Side effect (see below)
Lab Text: The Many Hued Conflagration MuIg 5 No imaginem requisite, Introduces base three guideline of making fire have different colours.
Lab Text: Calling the Council of the Trees Re(In)He 45 See below
Magic Theory Tractatus Quality 14 Included for the admirable clarity of the work
Aquam tractatus Quality 5 notable water spirits of the Loire
The cloak of black feather spell originated from a potent spell, with the cloak providing the (necessary) prop. After experimentation a version was discovered , now standard, that still required the prop, but did not need the high magic theory that acts as the barrier to learning the potent spells of others.

The inclusion of Calling the Council of the trees, however was purely political. It is a powerful spell invented by a member of the collens, and he wanted it published to strengthen his case for his ascension to the primacy of House Bonisagus. It did not succeed.

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Day Eleven

Document Stats Notes
Lab Text: Creeping Chasm ReTe 35 Introduces target:Part
Lab text: The Earth Split Asunder Re Te 30 see above
Lab text: Crest of the Earth Wave Re Te 20 See above
Magic Theory Tractatus Quality 6 Explains Target part
On the division of forms Quality 10 Explores implications of target part. Can be read for twice, once as a philosophy tractatus, once as an Artes Liberales tractatus

The discovery of target: Part was a revolution in Hermetic magic, as it does not fit well with the concept of platonic ideals and forms. Consequently three of the spells invented during the research were included, to show that it really was a new target, and not just a quirk of one spell. In addition the rest of the Commentary was devoted to this new discovery. The successful Maga (Thalia) was briefly Prima, but soon succumbed to warping. Her name is honoured to this day

The spells and tractatus could be used as sources of insight for the Philosphoical breakthroughs detailed in Art and Academe, page 11

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Day 12

Document Stats Notes
Lab Text: Eyes of the Bat InAu 25 Potent magic Spell, Potency 9, from lemon shaped earring inlaid with Amethyst.
Lab text: Cheating the Reaper CrCo 30 Potent Magic Spell. Potency 8, Disc inlaid with Jasper, Amber and a Sapphire.
Animal Tractatus Quality 8 A discussion on the livers of mammals.
Creo Tractatus Quality 9 A discussion on how to use potent magic in Creo
Perdo Tractatus Quality 10 A discussion on magically assisted decay of animal carcasses.
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Document Stats Notes
Lab Text: Leap of Homecoming ReCo 35 Base used to be 45, now is 35
Lab text: Eyes of the Eagle InIm 25 Failed, but interesting attempt to break the limit of the lunar sphere
Vim Tractatus Quality 12 Speculations on the Lunar sphere
Animal Tractatus Quality 13 Raptors of the Alpine regions

Produced about fifty to seventy years after the end of the schism war, the breakthrough on teleportation guidelines was encouraged by the destruction of the Redcap’s permanent portal network. Previously long-distance travel was more of a hub and spoke model, and the Covenants that hosted the portals wielded considerable soft power. With the lack of long distance communication public spirited bonisagi put time into bring down the base. The political implications of this reduction in barriers to travel are still being played out.

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