food spell

working title-green eggs & ham(muto animal/herbam 12)
effect-basically a food coloring spell
tell me what you think of said spell & how it MIGHT if possible be used in a adventure

Yeah, I think this could probably be handled much better as an Imaginem effect.

I suppose if I had to find an application for this effect I might combine it with a flavour enhancing effect and try to impress the local nobility with the "rare and wondrous feast" being served in their honor. If the actual foodstuffs being served were very plain fare, you could save some money this way. One problem is that the magi would be unable to eat the meal they were serving which could make their guests rather suspicious...

Lower your Parma and hope for a story...!

You only need one mage presiding over hte meal perhaps and that could be the one that cast the spell. Or if several cast spells, each eats only the dishes they cast upon. Parma doesn't protect against your own spells after all.

Although, I think my mentem maga would just make the nobles think they are seeing nad eating luxuriously by playing with their minds.

Yes, actually, it does unless they're Range: Personal so that they never pass inwardly through your Parma Magica.


Any average magus whose penetration skill is roughly in the same ballpark as their parma should have no trouble blasting right through their own parma with any formulaic spell, and probably with low-magnitude spontaneous spells too.

Unless you can't get an arcane connection to yourself for some reason....

This post may constitute a thread-jack. :unamused:

I'm not denying that your magic resistance isn't very strong against yourself. I was pointing out that it is there. As for spontaneous magic, your magic resistance is probably reasonably strong. If Penetration = Parma Magica and you have x5 in multipliers, those balance. Then you have (Stamina+Technique+Form+Aura+roll)/2-Form-Aura-level=(Stamina+Technique+roll-Form-Aura-2xlevel)/2. That means it's hard for those with much better Forms to penetrate against themselves, it's easy for those with much better Techniques to do so, and it's pretty difficult beyond level 5 or so for a balance. Interestingly, you stand a better chance in an aura that works against you, such as a Divine aura.

Back to the topic. I would try to keep the spell's range and duration low enough to allow for more penetration if you want it to work with magi.


Any spells of this type out there already?