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I got my friends interested (after some discussions) and have begun putting a story together, but I wanted some critiques.

First, the story is to be set in 1800s, where technology is in its rise and also during the century of Jack the Ripper. I found adequate rules for fire arms (though I won't be expecting to see any, same goes for the early versions of the automobile). It will be set in London, with a fantasy story twist. So whilst it is in London in 1800's, there is a lot of created story and history to fit the game.
The houses are still as strong as they were before, with more power at their disposal, though still remaining secretive. The team I am assembling will be from a Pseudo School called Hawthorn Academy, under the guise of a college or private school out in the country side, away from civilization.
For the groups first task as players (I am considering that they had done many other tasks prior to this one) Is to investigate one of the house's prestigious members (A Sir Phillipus von Hohenheim, a magus made famous for his advancements in healing and other general Corpus attuned Magic) for a rumor of his latest invention, the creation of an artificial life.
The players soon discover a deeper plot once uncovering the truth behind this rumor.

--Now it should be noted, I know the Hermetic Laws well. And creation of a soul is impossible, so true human life unattainable. But for the purposes of this story, I was going to do it, as the homunculus would play a pivotal role in the story. I also am going to include a few other famous magicians and alchemists, such as Nicolas Flamel, and Zosimos.

So what do you think? After some more research in major events and area layout, I hope to make it better.

coughFull Metalcough


But then I've drawn inspiration from it, too.

As long as your players don't spot it, it should be a good time. :slight_smile:


Yes, the idea of the homunculus came from Full Metal, but then again, I was contemplating a conversion for FMA.
But the story is independent of that story, as how a homunculus is made is completely different, and quite gruesome.
Hohenheim is arrogant and very insane, Flamel acts as the puppet master of the series, Dr. Zosimos is the unwitting pawn and only other person to witness how to make a homunculus, and the "artificial life" (whose name I haven't decided) is quite possibly a demon.
There are other key points that I am contemplating divulging.

But on a side note, for someone as big a fan of FMA as I am, it is hard not to derive some story from the series. But not to worry, my friends dislike anime (well I should rephrase that one likes "romance" anime, like Love Hina)

The only problem I will have is making experienced Magi...

I would think that, for a first Ars Magica game, it might be best to stick to the original setting or at least stay in the feudalism.

But if you like the idea and it got players interested in it, well, by all means go for it.

One little thing I would say is drop the "assignment" thing. Make them become interested in investigating Hohenheim on their own. It gets them more involved in the story and adds that much more meaning to the characters' depthness and player interest. Usually.

Good luck with your first game!

thanks for the input, Yan. I'll have to think of a way to make them look into his work.

Just a warning. With Ars Magica you have to either let years of time flow freely within the coarse of the story, accept that characters will never advance, or re-tool the advancement system completely.

If you're setting things in the 1800's can you be comfortable with takeing 20 or 30 years of in game time to tell your story.

Ars Magica, in my experience, really benefits from magi characters who have personal goals regarding their magic. Before the game starts I have in the past found it helpful to have the players decide on some goals for their magi characters one to have them work towards in the next two to three years (such as develop a range sight version of posing the silent question and master it for silent casting) and one for the coarse of decades (such as "Use Hermetic research to make mutantes magic available to all members of the order and thereby show that the Mercere bloodline is significantly less special than the Mercere think that it is.")

I also recommend having every magus character pick up a minor magical focus because they're just so damn cool.