Forest scouting

if the man is wounded and there's no one to properly tend his wounds:
Yannick paces over to the man, in the playful way of a young dog.
He gently licks his wounds (casting Bind Wound).

To Nissa and Ardath:
[color=red]Bark! Wharf! Shake Head
Then he starts sniffing on the ground, trying to find a human smell that does not belong to the group.

Ardath to the grogs
[color=red]You're clearly powerless against this magical attack. Try to get behind us, with any luck, our parma magica should stop the next attack. Concentrate not on these mist-shapes, but on seeking people or strange animals, try to see if someone is targeting us, and then, kill him.

Ursus watches and listens carefully if he can see something real that looks like it has a connection with the beasts. If so he shoots.

The wounds on the bitten man seems real, although not life endangering. There is an unfamiliar sent that belongs to a human but it doesn’t give a clear trace. The sent seems to vanish where it’s the strongest but it is possible to track it in an opposite direction.

The lumbering brute introduces himself as Hans and speaks with a heavy Pomeranian accent. The wind seems to gain strength and the mist is beginning to vanish, although the frightened expression on the hunters faces still remain.

To hans
[color=red]Well, pleased to meet you hans smile I am ardath, and I shall remember you.
To the wounded
[color=red]Hold on, we'll get you out of there.
To everyone
[color=red]Beware. This may be a trap. Keep your eyes and ears open. Now, as much as I'd like to hunt our agressors, tending to this man takes precedence, and we're not prepared to charge head on into what may be a trap. I say we come back to the covenant. Vengeance will come later.
Too bad ardath's arts are too low for some Intellego spells :frowning:

Hum... She'll try to spont a spell to trap some of the enchanted mist before it dissipates, hoping it'll form an arcane connection to the caster long enough for one of us to cast an intellego spell and find out whoever it is.
Something like Control a normal weather phenomenon (3), touch +1, precision +1, momentary, final level 5: She readies a flask or other sealed componend (after emptying it, of course), spont the spell to send some mist in it, and seal it

[color=blue]One exhausting attempt later and the mist is in the bottle, or rather an empty water skin.

Yannick cast a spontaneous MuAn to gain speech for as long as he concentrates.
(base 5, +1 conc. = lvl10; casting total Mu11 An5 Int 2= 18+stressdie /2)

To Ardath and Nissa:

[color=red]I found a track here. It vanishes where it is strongest, but I can probably follow it to where it came from.
Trouble is, I need to do this now, or else the track will be gone.
If you agree, I'll follow the track alone and meet you back at the covenant.
I'm probably much harder to spot than half an army, right?
Would you be so kind and take my clothes with you?
And remind me to enchant them some time in the future...

[color=blue]Ursus follows Yannick unless ordered different.


[color=red]Good idea, I hesitated to suggest the same thing. Be carefull, however: They must be used to shapeshifters.

It all depends on the size of rest of the party. I can't lead 2 grogs, one of them wounded, back to the covenant, especially as we're liable to be attacked again.

Max, who's there exactly?

<You have a small party of hunters with you, Hans, the wounded man and three more men other than character. They are a bit afraid and wish to go home, eventhough noone dares to say it.>


[color=red]Ok. Ursus, you may go if you want, we should be safe if we're not attacked again. However, I advise you to stay behind yannick, as he'll probably be more stealthy than you. Just don't lose sight of him, so you may warn us should he have problems.
I wish you both good luck.

[color=red]Good. Off we go then.
Take my clothes with you Ursus, please.
Let's try to get 'em alive...

Ursus smiles and follows Yannick quietly. [color=blue](Stealth +9)

[color=blue]+3 dex

To the departing people
[color=red]Good luck to you. Don't take any risks, just locate their resting place so we can strike later. We'll see later at the covenant
To hans
[color=red]Ok, now that the mists have dissipated and that yannick has shown us the direction of the covenant, do you think you can guide us back? I'm utterly lost :wink:

[color=blue]Hans takes the lead on the way back, most eager to get back safely.

The search for scents goes into different areas of the surrounding forest, but never far from the covenant. It seems as if someone has been scouting the covenant in order to gain information. One thing is strange and yet disturbing, the scent seems at one point be going back into the covenant but it is a weak scent.

This thread continues in the “Back at the covenant” thread where the magi gather for supper.

Once back at the covenant, Ardath thanks Hans for his skills, and ensure that the wounded grog (what's his name, btw?) is well cared for.
Then she rushes to her lab, try to ascertain if the mist is usable as an AC, and if so, try to fix it (IIRC we have some vim vis left, and she just needs 1 pawn).

Then, and only then, does she goes to the dinner.

The wounded mans name is Horst.

There are no vim vis left unless one of the magi have one available, for example has a personal vis scource that provides Vim vis. The covenants recourses are on the road or spent in an Aegis of the hearth. But the mist is an usable arcane connection. If that vis issue could be fixed then you could have fixed the connection.

Just back at the lab after quitting the dinner. This is a... sidenote.

Just remembered the AC will expire soon :laughing:

Ardath can't fix it, but maybe she can use it before it expires.

The point is, the mist came from the magic of the sorcerer, or was gathered through it, so there are chances that it still has traces of his magic, and forms an AC to him.

I'll just try a ceremonial casting, to "see" our attacker.
Use one sense (sight) at a distance 1, Arc (+4), Concentration (+1), final level 10
Casting total 13 + Aura (3) + die.

Once this is done, well, the connection'll probably be shot anyway :frowning: So, whether she succeeds or not, Ardath'll come back to the dinner

[color=blue]Ardath gets a brief vision of a young beautiful woman with blonde hair standing in the covenants kitchen. The arcane connection expires thereafter.