Forest scouting

At the first light the casting of the Aegis of the Hearth where made and the newly arrived magi departed from one and other, some into the forest, others away in wagons and a few left at the covenant grounds.

You set of into the forested areas in the vicinity of the forest and started your sweep on the companionship of some of the covenants hunters. The forest begun to cast its depressing gloom as soon as you entered under its canopy. And the area began to appear less a less comforting. If this land where this hostile to humans, what where to expect of its denizens?

As the day passed by several villages where visited few more that a couple of farmsteads or timber lodes bundled together. The villages where all surly and unfriendly to the visiting magi. Not even the children seemed to play or look cheerful as the magi passed by. The party walked back and forth through the forest and it seemed as the paths in the woods changed as the magi went by, nothing looking in the way that it should. As the light begun to decrease there where even more difficult to find the path that lead back. Soon mist began to rise out of the ground and the visibility decreased even further and the baying of wild animal could be heard in the distance.

Ok... I'm on dangerous ground here. Due to her infancy, Ardath is somewhat used to survive in the wilderness, but, since she's been cursed, she tried to avoid it. Thus, she stick close to yannick.
GM: Ardath took her sword and armor with her.

One the first things she does is cast her "Eyes for Vis" spell, in order to detect any vis they might stumble upon.
[color=red]Well, things sure look depressing here. And our gift doesn't explain all these reactions. These people seem to have had their spirits stolen from them. Actually, this is good for us, this will make our covenant all the more attractive.

However, what bothers me is the way the paths seem to be changing. Could the forest be enchanted? Or are we under a subtle attack? Nonetheless, we should find a safe place to sleep, and find a way to defend ourselves from predators, both natural and unnatural. Do one of you have spells that might be usefull in this task?

[color=red]Like 'Circle of Beast Warding' for example?, Yannick asked, [color=red]Sure, this will only take a minute.
Would you mind if I cast 'Intuition of the Forrest' for us all?
And as we're likley to encounter some: 'Shiver of the Lycantrophe' won't be declined, will it?
Should we need to fight, I can help out with an 'Impenetrable Doublet' and a 'Gift of the Bears Fortitude'.
That's for about an hour of spellcasting as soon as it gets dark.

He tilts his head.

[color=red]You know, i spent the last three years preparing for this.

He turns to one of the hunters. [color=red]Could you take care of my clothes for a moment? [color=blue](Thijs, this would be a good moment to introduce your hunter-companion)

While he takes off his tunic he looks back at Nissa and Ardath:
[color=red]I wont be long, just a quick look to know where we are.
His skin turns black, than to feathers, he shrinks, his clothes fall to the ground.

A crow hops out of Yannicks pants, and flutters away.

[color=blue]Yannic is fully able to discover that the covenant isn’t that far away, perhaps an hours walk in normal visibility (the forest is quite difficult to traverse) and that the mist is dense but affecting a somewhat small area.

After flying three circles over the heads of his fellow magi and their company, Yannick gently glides into a nearby tree. Hopping down from one branch to the next, he waits for the right time to slip back into his clothes, while the women and the hunter are chatting. ([color=blue]I hope they do...)

When he is back in his human shape and his tunic, he tells the troupe what he has seen.


[color=red]I see this, and I must say I am happy to have you as one of my sodales. Your spells are most usefull indeed.

While Yannick is searching, Ardath exchange mundanities with nissa and the hunter, asking where they came from and telling her own story. In short, anything covered by the background given in the character sheet section, I guess.
We probably settle down a little

Once yannick is back
[color=red]Just what I feared... It seems we are under some kind of attack, and I fear the cause.
Do you think you could guide us back?

Keeps his distance on the questions of his history, but he obviously has troubles with the language.

The baying of animals seems to grow more intense, those of you with good eyesight can see shapes moving at the edge of visibility. The shapes looks like animals.

[color=red]Well, now would surely be a good time for this "circle of beast warding", although I wonder if these are really beats. What about your "shiver of the lycanthrope", yannick?
If we've been able to light some fire, either through mundane skill or simple magic, Ardath reinforce our position through 2-3 obsidian walls, in order to stop attacks from 2-3 sides, while not enclosing ourselves. Of course, she won't destroy the circle :wink:
[color=red]At least we get a good welcoming party :smiling_imp:

[color=red]Well, this is what we came for, no? Yannick answers and starts hasting from tree to tree, chalking magical symbols on them and silently completing the ward.
Shiver of the lycantrophe will be next in line.

([color=blue]if it is lycantrophes, he tells ardath and nissa in latin)

[color=red]Ursus, help me get these people properly aligned, Yannick shouts, pushing people into position as he walks by. The grogs feel they should have seen this coming, as Yannick cast a number of impenetrable doublet as he pushes them.
([color=blue]provided there is still time to do so..., Ursus will be first)

[color=red]sigh And I just had my clothes back on...
The things you have to do for a good first impression! Well I'll show 'em where I come from :smiling_imp:

He throws his tunic aside and sits on his heels, turning more and more furry ([color=blue]shapeshifting to a Rottweiler(big dog)) and growing ever bigger ([color=blue]casting beast of outlandish size on himself).
This is my pack, he barks at the closing animals, [color=green]don't believe we're easy prey! [color=blue](animal ken)

I assumed we were talking in latin all the while, since this is the only language we have in common.

Once we're in position, Ardath cast her [color=blue]Obsidian Walls behind the group, as well as her [color=blue]Wizard's sidestep on herself.

To yannick:
[color=red]Too bad it isn't the time to lower our parma, I'd have gladly cast an Aura of Ennobled Presence on you.
Well, at least we're somewhat ready. Let them come, now :smiling_imp:


The howling of mystical beasts are coming closer but no beast approaches. Suddenly shapes of mist seems all around you, it look like animal shapes but misshapen and twisted. A grog starts scream after a distorted mist wolf jumps up and bites him. The man falls over trying to fight of the beast with his bare hands but failing to do anything about the attack.

The ethereal shapes retreat once again out of the field of vision. The hunters that accompanied the journey are looking pale and scared, one more thing and they will run screaming for their lives. The injured grog seems to be bleeding.

Next time I see one of these things, I'll try 2 multicasted [color=blue]Sap the Griffin's Strength on it, in case it is magical. If it doesn't work, I'll go for DEO next.

[color=red]So, it is war they want. Fine. They'd better try to kill us now, for I won't forget this
To one of the servants: [color=red]Tend to this men, and don't panick or you're all dead. We can't guarantee your protection, but we're your only chance
To the other magi:
[color=red]We can't extend our parma over the servants, and the beasts seem far from mundane. Any usefull suggestion?

The spells fired into the mist seems to do no effect. The accompanying huntsmen seems to become more and more freighted as their masters wizardry doesn’t seem to do no harm against the surrounding mist.

One man with the bulk of a bear starts firing his bow into the mist, panic written all over his face. He screams continuously that he will kill the #¤%&/ daemon spawn.


Hum... I targeted the shapes both with Sap the Griffin's Strength and Demon's Eternal Oblivion and it had no effect?
I slap the man, and, speaking, harshly
[color=red]Calm yourself! You're accomplishing nothing there. If you wanna fire arrows, then at least aim for something moving, and try to discern an opponent!

to yannick
[color=red]We're not prepared enough, it seems. Yannick, do you think you could guide us towards the Aegis?
Unless these creatures are too resistant for my spells, I see only 2 options: These are not real creatures but rather physical manifestation of spells, of faerie creatures. Faeries, I can maybe deal with. Spells...

The giant of a man looks at Ardath his faced filled with both fear and hate. He didn’t take kindly to be slapped in the face by a woman. He seems barely able to control his anger and the man has enough bulk to crush most men and woman like a twig.

Well, Ardath does not flinch or back up. He had it coming, and, should he strike her, he will regret it dearly, even if she must strike him from beyond the grave :imp:
[color=red]So now you're quiet and ready to act like a man instead of some frightened children? Fine. I understand your fear, but it won't save us. We need to keep our calm if we want to survive this. We're in this together, understood?

Ursus backs off from the giant man. He growls under his breath and tightly grips his bow. He looks for room to hide.
[color=blue]Does ursus sees anything with second sight?

The huge man looks stilled filled with anger but restrains himself. The sound of the bestial howls seems to slowly diminish even though the mist remains. As the baying of animals weaken the forest begins filling with an strange silence.

[color=blue]The second sight reveals that the beast are illusions...

Just forgot that Ardath had this, too :laughing: :blush: Through my strong faerie blood :unamused:

to the man
[color=red]Good. Now we have a chance. Tell me, what's your name?

I look at the grog with my own second sight. Is he really hurt, or does he think he is?
If he is, then around
[color=red]Could someone tend to this men, please?

To yannick and nissa
[color=red]We're at a disadvantage here, and ill-prepared to boot. We just can't spend the night here. I say we stay close, and head for the covenant. We will return later, and make them pay for this.