Form and Effect Bonus question

Quick question:

If a player makes a Talisman with a human Skull and a Staff, and then attunes the skull for "Destroy People" and the Staff for "Destroy Things at a Distance" does the Player have +8 for destroying people at a distance?

I would say yes, because they are not exactly the same, so they can be added

So we can only add the best of something that is the same? Is this in any particular book? I've been looking through my core (2nd printing) for an hour and can't find a satisfactory answer.

Any bonus is still capped by your Score in Magic Theory.

Yes, I did see that part. But do you know of where it states that only the best or one attunement can be used? (I.e, two things that give an Ignem bonus, do they both stack or not?)

I think you can use both. ArM5 is quite consistent in the fact that you can stack bonuses.


Read the Enchanted Item Example on page 97.
This would indicate that the bonus would stack , capped by Score in Magic Theory.
If Mari had Magic Theory at 08 , she could have an Animal Bone Wand with +08 to Destroy Animals at a distance.

In Potent magic, when designing potent spells, you can only use the best shape/material bonus from each casting item used in the potency list, and those are still caped by MT.

Maybe it's from that that Lady Merlina pulled her answer.

No. "Bonuses from attunements ... only the highest bonus applies." Arm5 p98

If you wan to instill an effect in your talisman, you don't need to attune any S&M bonus and can stack them up to your MT.

Thanks for the page numbers, so it seems that enchantments can benefit up to your MT in bonuses, but Talismans only grant the highest bonus in a circumstance. Interesting.

Eh, the other way around unless i misread badly?

as house rule we add all bonus, but in talisman it is written you cannot

I think I may institute such a house rule myself, or at least see how far the rule could be pushed to see it is really that abusive.

Page 98 on talismans and page 97 for enchantments is pretty clear now that I've reread the right sections. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since the bonus is capped by MT (something that makes red coral's total a highly silly number, BTW) I cannot see how it can be abused much. Given the easiness to stack bonuses in ArM5 it is a rule I do not understand why it is still there (lab totals of 100-130 are not difficult to come by, as we have seen in plenty of threads), but hey. Looks like a legacy rule that could be removed without causing much problems.


Indeed it is. How very strange. I was sure only MT was the limit. Well thats how i WILL play it anyway. Talisman is meant to be better.

S&M are bonuses to enchantments. Talisman attunement allows you to use them for casting. That is a real improvement.


I know they´re not used the same, but you know what i mean?

You say: "Talisman is meant to be better."
I say: "using S&M for casting is a real improvement."

Therefore your idea of stacking to MT limit for casting is not necessary. Unless you misunderstood "attunement" (like most of the posters) and only want to stack S&M for enchantments instilled in your talisman.


So you didnt understand what i meant...

Yes it is, but you still might spend a huge amount of time for potentially rather small bonuses, which is why i think allowing all bonuses that are relevant for something be used.
Also, it would mean that attuning low bonuses wouldnt be completely wasted. And it would mean that the Talisman could potentially get a little better as a magi improves their MT over time.
And exactly because the MT limit is there, it cant really be abused either.
It also encourages even more inventive use of S&Ms as you can also make better use of low bonuses.