Form and Material bonus

I couldn't find another thread on this so I am asking here...

Any thoughts on the material bonus for leather, hemp or wool?

Also, elektrum, copper, bronze?

Let's see...

(from The Mysteries, Revised Edition)
Copper : +3 Bloodshed, +2 Passion
(from The Wizard's Grimoire, Revised Edition )
Copper : +2 Peaceful, +1 Luck

That's the only one I could find in official sources...

The rest is the product of my fevered imagination...

Bronze was used for weapons and armor, and was expensive to produce. Since generic bronze is a mixture of 18 parts copper to 2 parts tin (for common tin bronze (Alloy C907) specifically 11% tin, 88.5% copper, .25% Zinc, .25% Lead ), I would say the Bloodshed bonus from copper could applies. Bronze is also durable, strong, and enduring. A small bonus for longevity, strength, and protection, and a smaller one for wealth.

I would use the form and effect bonuses for rope or cord for hemp (most rope is made from hemp) along with a small bonus for attracting birds (many like hemp seeds), and a good one for visions.(I do not condone or endorse this use of the hemp plant, FWIW).

Electrum is a mixture of silver and gold, if I remember correctly. It has classical connotations of trying to decieve someone (Archimedes and the problem of the golden crown). Definitely one for Inspire Greed, and one for depection.

Leather is covered by animal hide, and what it's made into - belt, cloak, helmet, hat, gloves, etc.

Wool... Keep Warm? Look Good? Finespun wool was an expensive product in the middle ages (it's why Flanders was so wealthy - they spun wool into fine fabrics, and sold it to nobility.


I just compiled a list of FE Modifiers from 5th ed for my campaign , I cannot remember which books these effects came from
Electrum +3 Scrying, +4 Muto Terram. +3 deception
Bronze +3 terram +5 darkness
Copper +4 deftness, +4 effects that change own shape, +2 Sex Magic, +3 Bloodshed, +2 passion

I don't seem to have the others

With leather and hemp, you would probably just get shape bonuses. I'd give wool something like "+4 warmth".

or plus 3 sleep(counting sheep maybe related?)

That's great! I found the reference, it's in HoH: Mystery Cults. I hadn't read the Verdi chapter and there is a full page of new F&M at the end. Would have answered most of my questions right then and there if I had seen that.