Form & effect bonuses

I'm interested in ideas for form and effect bonuses for different weapons and tools... Sword and dagger and bow we have in the list, what about mace, hammer, warhammer, spear etc?
Thanks for any ideas.

For the mace, warhammer, and hammer it would likely be a bonus towards destroying objects. It could also possibly give a bonus to rendering someone unconscious, but that's debateable.

For a spear it would probably have a similar bonus as wands, arrows, and staves. Destroying things at a distance would be the best default maybe.

well I think that for the most part you should look at a weapon as a weapon so it should give you the same bonuses. Enhancing a sword to be a better sword or enhancing a hammer to be a better hammer would be the same.

Where you get differences is in secondary things:

mace/war hammer: bonus to crushing objects, bonus to destroying armour
spear: bonus for killing animals, bounus for martial ceremonies
hammer: bonus for rego-terram, bonus for working metal

does this help?