Form-fillable character sheet

After some googling, I still could not find a reasonable, form-fillable PDF character sheet for the game. (I.e. a PDF character sheet where you can type in all the data). Quite possibly, it is me being Weak At Google, but anyway, I took the effort, and did a version, based on the character sheet available at

So, if anybody needs it: please, feel free to download an use!
<Damnation, as newly registered user, I cannot post a link here. Anyway, I will try and post is soon!>

Any feedback, comments, error lists, suggestions would be very-very welcome!

So, the actual sheets:

Hmm, does the link work for you guys? The silence stresses me...

The link (and the Character Sheets) work(s) quite right ! So thank you very much for that !

I've done the same for the French Character Sheets, available here :

(Download those : « ArM5 : Fiche de personnage éditable en VF » and « ArM5 : Grimoire éditable en VF »)

Thanks, Man!
I don't speak (read) French, but I'm sure your sheet must be great!

Pitt Murman did an excellent simplified character sheet which is on the UK Grand Tribunal's webpage - the fillable on is at

Thanks for the character sheets, everybody - they make the game a little bit easier to handle for everyone.

This is the excel version I use:

which is very very good, but I can't easily add custom virtues with mechanical effects. I highly recommend it.


I have spent many, many, many quiet moments at work to build a set of Excel spreadsheets (somehow based on that one Bob linked) that may be of some use (four of them, for magi, companions, grogs and covenants); it's main advantage, besides all number crunching and automated calculations, is that XPs and so are stored in tables by year, so you can advance your magus (or covenant, or companion...) or plan advancements, and then set the current year and get the character sheet for that year. It's quite useful for NPCs: you spent some more time designing them but then you can pop them years later with their numbers updated just by changing the current year value and printing a PDF file.

I could share them, if only I remember the password of my site...