Forum for Actual Play Write Ups?

So with doing an actual play write up, I have begun to wonder about the creating for a specific forum for these? They could stay in the individual RPG forums... But I had wondered about the appropriateness of that.

RPG net has it's own actual play forum, as an example. I thought something like this could be good for promoting the game and helping other people see what various campaign ideas people have and how they work out. But, without the hassle of having to read through hundreds of posts for a PBP game.

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So you're thinking something parallel to the Play-by-Post area? Hmm ... looking at your links. I'm going to set this up, and move your actual play post into it. If you're willing to help, I think a pinned post giving guidelines and format suggestions would be really helpful ... we have similar docs for the PbPs. Could you write something like that up and send it my way? That will give us a basis to start from, anyway!


Just want to add my voice to Michelle's in saying that this is a really great idea!

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