Forum Game: Rhine gorge?

I am planning on starting a forum game Rhine Gorge. I am not sure if this is okay with you guys because of copyright.

If it is it would be nice if I could have my own campaign thread.

Thank you!

Hi there. Please see for directions on how to set up a new play by post game.

In particular, you need to send an email to "forum AT atlas-games DOT com" requesting that a new forum be opened up for your game (don't forget the dash in the middle). The email should include your username, the title of your campaign, the Atlas Games system you're using, and a brief description of the campaign (just a sentence or two, which we'll use as your forum's subtitle).

One of my players says the editing rights (Rhine Gorge) don't work for them.
Can you please check them again: ladyphoenix, cuchulainshound, warjowski, bruce sefton and Daggin Plantard

Thank you!

Try it again now.

Working now for my 2 User ID's, thanks!

I might suggest that, if practical, basic "Edit" rights be allowed in all such boards that are created (unless they need be User specific?), as editing is somewhat expected to be a given.

Hi there. The GM set-up directions at ask that the GM's preference on this be sent along with his original request for a new forum. No-edit is just the "safe" default.

I've added an extra note about requesting permissions changes to that thread, to make it more clear, along with some play suggestions from Cuchulainshound's post about this game in the Recruitment area.