Forum Hacking Redux

Hey folks,

We're aware of some new forum hackers that have broken through the forum software and hijacking links outwards to direct you to pharmaceutical sites and so forth. We've got fixes to implement, but unfortunately we can't do anything about this until Monday. Stay safe out there!

Hi, All—

I'm trying to fix said mysterious forum-hacking issues, but frustratingly, I can't manage to reproduce them. All's well on the Western Front, to my browser's eyes.

From the verbal report of a helpful forum user who called our office (thanks!), the hack caused all links within forum posts to re-direct from their intended targets to pharma websites. If you observe this behavior, will you please post to this thread with a description of what you observed, the post where you observed it, the link you clicked, and your username (if other than the one you're posting from)?

Thanks in advance! We'll get this sorted out presently, and our apologies if your forum-using experience is interrupted.

After some correspondence with the original reporter of the issue, it looks to us like the malware was specific to that user, and was solved by clearing his browser cache.

Of course, if you notice a similar issue, don't hesitate to post here or get in touch with us. But in the meantime, I just wanted to report that it doesn't seem like there's any evidence that the forum itself is infected with malware.

I didn't change anything yet, but I agree with the general consensus.. Tomos can you send me or post your css fixes?