Forum Lag/Slow Response

For several days now, I've noticed that the response time on the forum is rather bad. It takes several minutes to open sub-forums or forum threads, and I am unsure why this is. I've asked other users, and it's not just me. Although, I did attempt to clear my cache and then log out/log back in to see if that helped - which it didn't.

Is someone at Atlas aware of this happening? Are steps being taken to deal with the response time issue?

To confirm, I'm having this problem too. Navigating to the top page of the forum is quick, as is previewing messages and going to the search function, but any of the subforums or forum threads take ~30s to open.

Same here.

Still laggy. PHPBB getting a bit old?

I don't think so. I use several PHPBB's forum and none are suffering this issue.