Forum Page being harder to find from Atlas site

Is it me or have we been pushed to the right side?

Took me a minute to locate the link which is an eternity for new users...


It's on the same line. Was it harder to find because you expected it to be where it had been previously?

I just find it hard because half the time I click on a link I get a pharmaceutical ad, something like Phenterol roughly. It's really frustrating.

Could be. Typically read from left to right so got distracted by the other stuff which really didn't interest me:

About Atlas • Contact Us • Retailer Support

I tend to think that those 3 should be at the bottom. Product information / Forum / Trending items / Wow things should be on top


I have bookmarked the page for the Ars Magica forum. Following that bookmark seems to always work, whereas following a link from a forum topic or the link from the main Atlas Games forum page seems to often divert to a pharmaceutical (scam?).

I've found the key is the &sid= part. I've never had a problem when that's attached. I have had problems with even bookmarked links without it.