Foundry VTT - Ars Magica

We would like to make the system Ars Magica 5th Edition available on Foundry VTT ( I represent a bunch of engineers whom love playing Ars Magica and with COVID-19, we would like to do it safely.

Our goal is not to make money. We seen this as a noncommercial endeavor. We are not actually asking for you to do any of the work.

How could we gain your permission to go beyond the characters sheets, to allow rules enough for dice rolling and include some automation for areas like combat and spell casting.

Examples of what would also be really helpful is to include the abilities, houses, virtues and flaws and Spells. Similar to what MetaCreator does, however we could with your permission go much further

A real early thought is we would like permission to use the basic rulebook on a non commercial basis and learn together how that goes

I am very happy to talk on the phone, via zoom or other form of communicate that is available to us both.



Hi Eric. We got your message and are discussing internally. Thanks for your interest and for contacting us!

-Michelle Nephew, Atlas Games Co-Owner

Thank you Michelle.

You can see the work we are doing here ->

You can also see ALL the systems here

Having official support for Ars Magica on Foundry would be awesome!