Frederika ex Miscellanea

I can go to university if it's required. Though the last time that was brought up on this board, a lot of people seemed to think it conflicted with the idea of being an apprentice.

Artes and Acadamy specifically mentions some masters sending their apprentices to a university to learn Latin and Artes Liberales, though it usually requires a gentle gift. on the other hand if the instructing magus is a magister in Artibus then their male students might gain such recognition to carry on the tradition....
it does also suggest that a formal education and apprenticeship could be concurrent.

Oh...well...that's ok then!

Then all is good. Magister in Arbitus will still clash because of the sexism, and I'm not willing to try and compromise the authenticity of the setting if university attendance is required. I'll swap it for Magister in Medicina to sidestep the issue.

The medical knowledge wasn't part of the original concept, but on reflection it will work for Frederika's character. She might be somewhat idealistic, but I don't see her as an entirely ivory tower academic. Medicine is practical enough to dispel that notion, and make her comfortable with getting her hands dirty to learn things.

I'll add the academic reputation to the character sheet as well, and edit the backstory at some point soon.

I actually don't mind so long as the other players are fine with it. I can see it being part of your apprenticeship, and I can also accept handwaving the sexism because you were taught by wizards not a university. I also like anachronisms to some extent. There is a poppin' club scene in Barcelona :mrgreen:
The only thing that really pokes at me is the inconguity of the magic. Yours is a tradition of wizard scholars. I get that. Magister is your Tradition Virtue, which is what makes it acceptable. But these ideas and traditions are reflected nowhere in her magic. I am not worried about what you do have. It is that you are lacking things other characters might expect a scholar magus to have.
But we can let that slide and pick up what you lack in game. No worries.
But I will want to see decent scores in Academic Abilities. Artes Liberales, Greek, Latin, Medicine, Philosophiae. Other stuff like Concentration & Profession Scribe.

You may well have all these covered, and if so never mind my rant.

I think my ability scores are pretty set for the concept at the moment. 5 in Artes Liberales, Philosophiae, Latin, and Medicine. 3 in profession scribe, and 2 in both concentration and chirurgy. I must admit, Frederika does not know Greek! Though she'd be willing to learn if she got her hands on some very nice Greek texts.

I agree.

Love the little bits on the spell. Stone Palanquin being both stronger (lower magnitude) and weaker (built-in flaws) than a flying carpet, it balances.

EDIT: Only thing, based on existing spells, Equanimity Restoration shouldn't do any change to the caster's mental state, but induce a specific change, which seems to be calm/justice? Also, it seems much more MuMe than ReMe, although the level stays the same. See for exemple "Distraction of the Magpie" (A&A 33), Clarion Call of the War Horse (HOH:MC 29), or Seed of Betrayal (GotF 73).

Put her on the wiki. Almost, at least: The parsing means I can't just copy-paste. ... iscellanea

Welcome, anyway, Cannonball!

Thanks for the wiki work and the kind words!

On Equanimity Restoration, I admit that one I took wholesale from the Net Wizard's Grimoire (something I found a very useful resource for someone so new to the system like myself). The description is possibly poorly worded for what it does. But I believe the idea is that it 'restrains' the caster - reigning in heightened emotion, thereby keeping the caster calm. Which does sound like Rego to me.

It's possible that this isn't an entirely correct usage of the rules, however.

Ok! Basically done with my progression through to the Winter of 1242; all detailed here. I haven't updated the magi planner yet, nor brought the character sheet in-line with everything. I still need to work out the two enchantments I'm planning to instill in my talisman - I know what they are, just can't quite figure them yet.

I also need to work out what the communication score for my parens, Sicilio ex Miscellanea, is.

Are we allowing Correspondences? I don't know that we have before.

Also, it's good to get things on the magi planner so that we make certain the popular summae aren't double-booked (pun intended).

Silveroak said we were in the Mr. Spooky Ch.3 thread. And yes, I definitely intend to get everything on the planner. Need to update the rest of my sheet too. It was just very late for me by the time I finished actually (almost) getting through everything. At the time, sleep looked much more important! :wink:

Silveroak allowed a correspondence in that case. But I'm not sure if they're allowed in general.

Marko? Fixer?


On the one hand, due to the pace of the saga, it can be a nice stream of XP.
On the other, it's more bookeeping, and it's almost assured to go to the same skills that people always raise

Instead of correspondance, I think it would be nice to give 05 "free xp" each year to spend on general skills, with the source of these xp being defined as anything from correspondance to strolling through the covenant to just socializing with peers or hearing strange tales.


  1. It's easier to track down than correspondance, since it's a multiple of 5 (duh!)
  2. It means characters will raise abilities that, otherwise, easily get the short end of the stick, like Area Lores, Lores, or social skills, probably leading to more believable characters.

I initially thought 10xp, but since we're allowing short adventures XP to be done besides lab work, this would probably have induced too fast advancment.

Holy snap, I finally finished updating everything. That took so, so, so long. Really showed me I'm not familiar with the rules yet. Looking everything up took an age... u . u

Anyway! Whatever the final decision (and I agree, Corresponding is a book keeping fiesta), if we don't allow general Correspondence I'd like to petition for a small exception in this case. Reason being? Frederika will have been corresponding with her parens. And, just as we roll into 1242, that means a bound stack of letters will have been neatly copied out and placed in the library as a tractatus on Infernal Lore. Except...without Frederika's usual, publishing fanfare. In fact, probably stuffed in a corner somewhere. Or maybe just kept in my lab. Perhaps that would be safer...

Giving everyone an additional way of dragging my story flaw into things.

Things of note (imo):

  • Frederika is clearly aiming to be a prolific writer. Producing seven (very good) texts by Winter 1242, and donating them all to the library. Is it possible her writing is counting as her service to the covenant?
  • By now, it should be very clear to everyone involved - Frederika included! - that she's just not aging at all. I like this, because I don't even think she knew until the passage of time made it blindingly obvious!

It pretty much is assured to go to the same skills that people always raise, since there's a requirement that it be related to your current research. .

Moving away from the rules for a moment~ while I'm thinking about it - and as there's a good chance story flaws will crop over over the time skip - I'd like to explore what Frederika's Dark Secret might actually mean for her. Obviously, Frederika's parens (Sicilio ex Miscellanea) is a diabolist...

But, as far as Rika herself is concerned, Sicilio is (was) also a good-natured, compassionate and very driven man. Someone with a real thirst for learning, and sharing the knowledge he attained with the betterment of everyone else in mind. This mission, as far as Frederika knows, was (at least partly) religious: the more we know, the closer to God we can become. Ergo, knowledge = godliness. So he started looking for ways to really push the boundaries of human understanding, and this lead to his search for knowledge beyond mortal ken. Being a classicist and very educated man - with (as many great institutes of learning had at the time) some links to the Middle East - he began to focus his attentions on the legends of Solomon and the practices of Arabic magi. Both of whom have a reputation for being able to control and command demons "safely" - demons, I might add, being creatures created by God and therefore not an instant blackmark against one's soul: Frederika has been lectured on that point more than once...! It has not swayed her opinions yet.

If, at the moment, you're thinking Frederika and Sicilio are actually very similar people, you'd be right. Frederika is following very closely in the footsteps of her parens. There is one key difference: Frederika is a worse person. Prideful and self-aggrandising, Frederika could stand to be (a lot) more humble. But the fact of the matter is, she actually has a pretty large selfish streak among other failings. Sicilio is a better person: he's a lot more altruistic, and a lot more modest. He doesn't look out for himself nearly as much, and that's part of the reason why he's doing this. Frederika's selfishness has, thus far, prevented her from risking damnation. Sicilio believes that because he can and others can't or won't he should - for the good of all. The road to Hell is paved, etc, etc.

However...whatever Sicilio was doing during Frederika's apprenticeship, it wasn't without risks: something tainted Rika (she's Susceptible to Infernal Power). Whether Sicilio was likewise affected by whatever did that, or if something simply tried to take advantage of a much less capable maga and only succeeded in marring her, I don't know. But regardless, Sicilio isn't (or wasn't) as capable of commanding and controlling the forces he was working with as capably as he believed.

Frederika has not told anyone about her paren's activities. She did attempt to persuade him to stop, but ultimately she trusts him implicitly. If he believes, in his own estimation, that he can handle whatever he's doing? Rika will believe him. She also cares very deeply about his well being, and that - along with fears that the revelation will damage her own future - is why she's kept it a secret. But despite it being far better for her to cut ties with him all together, she's still bloody writing to him. Because they're practically family, and Rika misses him, and she's just not willing to let that go.

So, some ideas:

  • Someone finds out Sicilio is a diabolist, and decides to investigate Frederika / call her to task.
  • Someone finds out Sicilio is a diabolist, and he looks to his former apprentice for help.
  • Thanks to her parens, Frederika is marked by the infernal powers, and a demon has come looking for easy prey.
  • Someone at Andorra finds Frederika's correspondences and has little red warning flags pop up.

I know I'm not involved yet, but I can see this being something that Thomas would be interested in (assuming it happens after the jump), as he's leaning towards learning more spirit-ish magic himself. So if you do decide to do this, I'd love to be involved!

I like that idea.

Fredrika- where you have written books, I assume the first copy goes to the library, should the second copy go to Duerenmar, Colentes Arconorum, kept as a backup in the library, or something else?

Frederika would probably like to see two additional copies made of her work - one for the library (for back-up and trade) and one for Durenmar. I think the Colentes Arcanorum is really only for magi Bonsiagi - and most interested in original research / experimentation to boot.