Free Expanded Types PDF for Feng Shui

Who has two thumbs and is working on compiling the best known 72 Feng Shui non-core (fan, unofficial, third party) Types into a PDF? This guy! And my esteemed co-author from our PDF, The Dragon's Heirs, that summarized the 59 official Atlas Games Types.

What should we call it? Right now I'm calling it "72 Ways to Die" - any other suggestions?

I'd go with a title that relates to a Shadwofist card, as it traditional. 'Everyday Heroes', maybe, or 'Silver Band'.

Everyday Heroes is certainly a fitting title. I had been trying to avoid things that might possibly be used as an official title, but I rather doubt that will happen at this point, so that does open up things like Shadowfist Cards for titles, I suppose. I do like Everyday Heroes.

Bad news. I wouldn't call it a "crash", but I'm unable to get my computer to see my 1TB SATA hard drive where all my documents and images and such are, and can't access my Feng Shui work at the moment. I'm hoping I'll be able to get to it somehow and get at least my own projects so I can continue work on them, including my FS stuff, but for now I'm at a loss. However, to keep things optimistic, here is a screenshot of a few of the types, as proof of concept.

Faulty HD eh, sounds like Jammer tech to me. Did it shout "Blow things up" and explode before it stopped working? :smiley:

Anyway, handy (and free) application I used not to long ago to recover data from a really mucked up HD linked below. Might be of use to you.

I cross my fingers for you that you can continue your work. If you need any non-specific non-tech help, PM me - or just write it down. As for the name: what was the name of the Dragons army in Shadowfist? Silver Legion?


So any more news?

Not at the moment. I still have not recovered my original but can still re-do what I had probably without too much trouble, but the art that was being made, I'm unsure about, so that will present one question mark. I believe I also came across one or two new (to me) archetypes to be added to the mix.