Free FS2 Adaptation of In the Line of Duty etc.

Hi everybody, this is arough draft of a free adventure I made, an adaptation of a 1985 HK action flick, variously known as Royal Warriors, Yes Madam, Ultra Force, In the Line of Duty and Police Assassins, not counting the native titles.

Anyway, I'm going to be running it to see how well I did, but I welcome any thoughts or feedback on it from anyone, either from just a read-through or running it or whatever. Hope you find it interesting and thank you in advance for anyone's thoughts. =)

Awesome! I love those movies (the two with Michelle Yeoh and the sequels with Cynthia Khan). I'll definitely check out your adventure!

Thanks! I hope people find it useful, even just for ideas if nothing else, and as I said, I appreciate any feedback or thoughts - this is just a rough draft, though I don't know quite what else to do to is, so I'm saying I can improve on it but I'm no pro so I don't know if it will ever look tip top.