Free Sub Rosa Download Now Available

I've just checked over at the Sub Rosa site and Alex has made a free article available for download.

Actually, "article" doesn't do it justice:

I've just skimmed through this and it looks pretty much ready-to-run.

Thanks for the spruik. Was about to do it myself. :slight_smile:


Eagerly downloads while waiting for Alex to put up the 4-issue suscription for Sub Rosas 5-8


Alex, I mentioned you in my interview with Here Be Gamers. You might want to put a link on their comments page.

Hah! Thanks for that. I'll have to download the podcast (normally never listen to them...).


Or, to save yourself the 10 minutes, basically I said if you want to write for Ars Magica, start by contacting the line editor, and write for the fanzine.

Nathan then said, "That's Sub Rosa?" and I said yes, that it was Alex and the Pointless Mental Cruelty people, because PMC was at GenConOz, so...

And that's about it...but worth putting your link down on their comments, because I didn't say your URL.

(and, on a non-Ars matter, did you see that my union went on strike a few weeks ago? First time in twenty years, apparently. I know you are into industrial relations.)

Fantastic! My saga's Bonisagus is going on an expedition to Lebanon to find the phoenix so that he might gain some insight into his research project. Our Quaesitor is going to go with him so that he might visit Samos to prepare for his next initiation into the Mystic Fraternity of Samos. Such a trip can, I think, easily be led off to deal with the Garamantians, especially as their origins are connected to some of the shadowy enemies the saga has lurking in the wings, waiting to be revealed.

Thanks for the freebie! And the new look is excellent!


Glad you liked it and immediately found a use for it.

To be honest, I feel one of the most useful books for troupes and story guides was Ancient Magic (although with the caveat that I'm one of the authors), since it has a little something for everyone. New magical goodies, and new adventure ideas, without being an complete adventure. (And as an aside, much easier and more fun to write than the scenarios in Tales of Mythic Europe.)

I hope David has more Ancient Magic-style projects on the horizon.


Ancient Magic was a really neat book as it opened up a lot of interesting ideas and showed how you could push the game in interesting directions via rules and story. It was indeed great for both storyguides and players, though a bit of a two-edged sword in that I sometimes had players spy an interesting bit in the rules sections, and I became worried that they might read some of the adventure info and spoil their own fun.

It was a great mix of the best parts of 5th Edition. Something akin to it would be welcome - I have similar love for Magi of Hermes in the way it can appeal to players looking for spells or examples of magi over time, Original Research & other character paths, as well as a great source of magus stats on the fly or to populate a Tribunal.

Perhaps future books could be divided between a Player's section at the front (with all the virtues, abilities and magic stuff) and a Storyguide section (with all the story hooks, history and background)...


Ah, that means the players could read the magic they are strealing from their foes / finding in the pit, whatever.

A cool additional chapter to Ancient Magic. It certainly keeps the Indianus Jonensis (the famous Tytalus seeker) feeling to it. Not a place to go for the faint hearted! I) think I would have added something about the water tunnels to be found underneath, but that is a totally minor point. Well done Alex! And thx for sharing this with us :slight_smile:

I for oneslightly disagree about the Ancient Magic approach for future suplements. I thinkt hat Ancient Magic was amazxing as a series of story hooks, and unexpected tangents to your "average, civilized saga" (TM), but it was too fantastic for my taste. Those were areas so removed from my players, saga and locations that I am unlikely to ever use them if none of my players designs a seeker (and so far none of them has shown that tendency). It is inspiring stuff, but that is it for me.

However, the apoproach of setting a layout without definitive details was EXTEMELY GOOD. I loved the approach to mini-saga/adventure design, leaving the SG with enough material to work out the adventure without spelling all the details. They are like massive story hooks. I would certainly appreciate that approach to future adventures, but better if they are not so far removed from the core locations of the OoH or saga changing once you perform the breakthrough....


It's the format I meant. I don't think future books need to necessarily have magi tromping off to the ends of Mythic Earth.

In that case, the players are banned from reading the tome of secrets altogether. :slight_smile: