Free supernatural ability

Hello all

One of the players in the game that I am in has spotted that someone with the gift can take one supernatural ability without having to take any virtues to get it. This is page 36 of the core book.

Is this widely known? I'd not seen it before. It doesn't appear in the errata.

Does everyone play this?

This is widely known. The consensus from reading on here is that this so Gifted Companions get a freebie, and that magi from a tradition with "favoured abilities" (like Hermetic Magi with their Arts, Vitkir with all their runes, Holy Societates and their sets of powers) get their special abilities at zero. I'm sure if you use your search-fu you will find a thread on this somewhere on this board as it's definitely come up before.

EDIT: such as (in Loch Ness PBP silveroak mentioned this), I'll look for more when the boards search function lets me.