Freeform Scenario: Grand Tribunal 1228 (in Germany)

On March the 8th – 10th 2013 me and my Ars Magica Gamers are planning to play the Grand Tribunal of 1228 A.D. The setting will be similar like „The Fallen Fane“. That means: many gamers and characters (at least we hope so), no rules, just a day full of roleplaying, negotiation, simulating the conclusing tribunal procedure and – last but not least – have a party. We´re a german group. The meeting will be in Dransfeld (Südniedersachesen, between Kassel and Göttingen). If you´re interested, send me a message and you´ll get our invitation.


I doubt I can convince my non-gamer wife to go.. :frowning:

...and it´s done.

We were 15 Magi from Provence-, Normandy-, Rhine-, Rome- and Novgorod Tribunal.

Highlights were the two Tytalus Primi in competition, the Harmonists-and-Wilderists Debate together with the Thousand-Caves-and-Pripet-Maior-Conflict, plans to colonize scandinavia, a diabolical saboteur, frequently commenting bumptious archmages - and at last a displeased quaesitor cancelling the tribunal.

Bad times for the order are coming!