Freeforms written for Grand Tribunal UK

All the freeforms I wrote for or played in at Grand Tribunal (plus one I didn't) are listed on the UK Freeforms wiki which lists freeforms written in the UK only - you can add comments or reviews using the comments form at bottom of page, and may or may not need to register but worth doing if you can. You can also read about each game! The links are
Cheltenham 2007 - CJ
Cheltenham 2008 - CJ
Cheltenham 2010 - CJ
Cambridge 2011 - Andrew & Kirstie Sceats ... he-borders
Cheltenham 2012 The Tribunal of the Borders - Mark Steedman
Cheltenham 2012 The Jerbiton Summit - Andrew & Kirstie Sceats

Just in case anyone interested all the freeforms I have ever written, including my best, Lost Souls, are listed here --