French Ars Magica subscription

I did not see a topic for this so i decided to meke one.

Ludopathes a french roleplaying games company is translating Ars Magica and they opened up a Ulule subscription.

Neat! I'm just learning French, so having a fun reading-material in French could help...

yes ! i improved my english with the ars magica core rulebook!

I seem to recall that there was some guys doing a Polish translation too.

I did try contacting them to see if they could do an interview for Sub Rosa on their background with the game and gaming in general, the process, the market, etc. but they didn't get back to me. But undaunted, if anyone would like to see if these guys are more obliging that's an article I'd like to read.

This is excellent news, a new French edition! Shame you never got the interview on the Polish translation, Mark. Maybe try emailing then again?

cj x

If they reach 12 000 € we will get a full color rulebook, that's my wish for this year's christmas :slight_smile:

I'm going to subscribe, because my French is awful, I need to practice, and because for Grand Tribunal UK I'd like to have a French language rulebook available (and a Polish one if that project ever gets completed, given the large Polish community here in Cheltenham). It's always handy, and I'm quite happy to have non-English language games run at the convention (though possibly not in my 1904 Dano-Norwegian... :wink: )

When does it end, and are the funds deducted immediately from my VISA card or when it completes?
cj x

  • It ends in 33 days.
  • The funds are deducted immediately

beware of shipping costs that are 15 euros (19usd) for US continent!

I think they are the same for the UK. Still worth supporting this noble initiative. I wish I could make more of my own material available in other languages. I will try to provide French, German, Danish and Spanish language versions f the Grand Tribunal UK pages in future, though as most games are played in English it may not really be worth it. I'd like to see Ars in many languages. How many official translations of 5th edition exist to date? I think even us folks with poor French should try and support this if we can :slight_smile:

cj x

the subscription had ended yesterday and It was an amazing success, with more than 400 subscribers! the french ars magica community is now awakened!

Leather. Bounded. Edition. :open_mouth:

A glimpse of this version mock-up (i'm not sure it's the correct word) has been released today:

Very nice!

That said, if anyone out there would care to issue comment upon the quality of the translation itself, I'd love to hear it...

That looks incredible.

If anyone knows those guys, I'd really like to talk to them about their edition and do a write up for Sub Rosa etc. I did try before but had no response.

Now I'm always going to call it a "dé de tension" roll :mrgreen:

There are some spelling mistake on the given pages and some backers say that the translation is a little bit too literal. I still haven't read it myself so i can't tell.

It's probably not been proofread yet.

Yes, it is what they answered.

Here are the three covers we get to choose from : ... 60_q85.jpg ... 60_q85.jpg ... 60_q85.jpg