French Language Games

Nous avons besoin de plus de jeux en français . Pouvez-vous asssist ? Mon français est très pauvre .

Free tickets for anyone running one at Grand Tribunal.

While my French is ghastly, I can write reasonably coherently in French - I hope. I shall therefore attempt to run 3 games in both English and French, and have spent much of tonight relearning French from the web. So long as we have one bilingual speaker in each game, we shall be just fine because when I fail to understand they can translate- I will have printed encounter descriptions to hand out, and use pictures and props, and of course French language character sheets.

The issues with communication will be written in to the characters, and with Danish charm, chocolate, lots of laughter and encouragement and trying to overcome my reticence and speak French for the first time in thirty years this WILL work.

If you go to the French/English games are now clearly marked.

I would still much prefer to have one of the French delegates run some actual French language games, but my games will be accessible to speakers of English and French. Please be patient with me -- I have not spoken French since school, and I failed then. (I read much better!) :slight_smile: If you speak Fluent French please speak up now - unfortunately Andrew is away from Saturday onwards. If anyone else can run dual language games that will be great.

This is a really important step forward for Grand Tribunal - I have ALWAYS wanted French and German language games to run. If anyone would like to attend and run games in either language I will cover your ticket and help you find cheap accommodation, because Ars is an international game and we need to break the monopoly of English at Grand Tribunal so we can play, learn and laugh together. :slight_smile:

CJ x

I just tried to buy the Ludopathes French edition to assist but they will not sell it to me because I live in England. If I paypal the money can any French poster buy me a copy and post it? :frowning: There does not appear to be a pdf version :frowning:

CJ x

Ok bought a copy through :slight_smile:

CJ x

Probably the best option, shipping rates from other vendors or delivery services might have been prohibitive. Anyway, in case you need to acquire other french products in the future, I'd be happy to assist.
Would have liked to have the opportunity to see a Grand Tribunal once, I had no idea games in other languages could be played there. Maybe next year, I could even manage to bring a part of the troupe along...

If you said you were bringing along members from a lost Amazonian tribe who communicated exclusively through the means of 18th century Cornish semaphore... He'd find a way to run a game for them and ensure they had a great time.

Ha! We try :slight_smile:

Thanks to our extraordinary delegates we are now offering eight games in both French and English for Francophone delegates. Next year I'll make sure our website in entirely in both languages - at the moment the main page is in French, German and Spanish and Hebrew will go live soon.