FS2 Burning Dragon Print Edition

Just wondering if anyone on the UK/Europe side of the pond has received their copy of Burning Dragon.

I received a tracking number, but that hasn't updated since it was on its way to the Export facility, so just trying to see if it is taking a really long time or mine has gone missing somewhere along the line.


Same here (Germany).
I just sent an e-mail to info@atlas-games.com yesterday and hope for a positive reply.

I too have received nothing to the UK which is still part of Europe even if it is no longer part of the EU.

Although the tracking number I had is disavowed by the courier.

I had meant to type Mainland Europe, but that'll teach for trying to multi-task.

It's good on the one level that I'm not alone in this boat, although obviously I'd much rather we'd all received it, or at least knew where it is.

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I've done the same. Hopefully, we'll find out what is happening soon.

AG's sales manager answered my mail and another copy has been sent.
I hope it works out fine for everybody still waiting for their book.

Cheers mate. Hopefully, I'll hear back from them soon as well then.

I received my replacement copy safe and sound.

Definitely have to chase then, as I've not even had a reply to my email. Cheers for the info though.

Got my book this week. :slight_smile: UK based.

Maybe it's just taking a while to get to the wild North of Scotland then. :rofl:

Got the book yesterday and it is a beauty.

Just me waiting then! :frowning: Glad it got to you though.

It has arrived. It was a welcome surprise when I got home from my operation!