FS2 Fanmade One-Shot: Willy Afton Worrit's Chocolate Experience

I just put together this chocolate-themed one-shot and wanted to share it!

PDF Link

The local Spring Trap festival has been taken over by the chocolate industrial complex, and what’s worse, the children who were offered a factory tour have disappeared! None of the adults are taking this danger seriously, so it’s up to the heroes to stop Willy Afton Worrit’s extremely unsavory plan!

Bite into Worrit and his menagerie of twisted candy-soul experiments, like Violent Bonnieguard, Peepa Saltmallow, and The Buckethead, all backed up by an army of Doom-pa worker fanatics!

Just in time for Easter, hope everyone enjoys!

An interesting use of the system. I presume this is intended for an all-scrappy kid party. Something I would normally never allow for a campaign game as the scrappy kid can be tricky. For convention games and one-offs they can bring a lot though.