FS2 & Kickstarter

If Atlas games decided to do a Kickstarter to fund new Feng Shui 2 material (campaign, sourcebooks, ANYTHING) would you support it?

I'd have to say HELLS YEAH I would support it!

I am not suggesting they are doing this or have ever said they would do this. I am just asking as a fan who would LOVE more FS2 support of some kind


Depends on what the Kickstarter was for, specifically. Probably not.

New editions of the splatbooks? Pass.
More "how to play this game, with a side of extra rules" books? Pass.
Isolated adventures? Pass.

I would Kickstart the hell out of a full-length campaign write-up, covering ground equivalent to an epic movie trilogy, with notes on how to either start with Chi War rookies or integrate it with a pre-existing group of Dragons. Bonuses for a list of awesome ways the PCs could die in the final battle.

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I'd back anything that said Feng Shui 2 on it, really. If Robin Laws wasn't working on it, I'd think carefully about it, but I just love the game and the setting. I want to support it.

I don't personally feel a huge need to read someone else's campaign ideas, or to get more archetypes. I can't think of anything the game feels like it's "missing" to me, but I do also have many of the older products to read up on areas that were more fleshed-out, like the Netherworld, and so on.

But yes, I'd back it.

I'd pass most likely. Updated faction books is something I was expecting to see in the future as the game doesn't have much on the new faction GMCs characters in it and the new junctures. The older faction the older FS edition books are good enough to cover the older ones in most cases. Any faction books need to cover multiple ones so as not to take too long till they all get released or require you to have to lug a bunch of books around. 2 or 3 factions in a book would be a good number.

A huge problem with 1st edition s that a lot of players and GMs tended to avoid running games in certain juncture or using certain factions till a source book with that faction was released as very little was known about certain junctures and factions.

I also wasn't very happy with the editing of 2nd edition as a lot of well known mistakes got kept in and I don't like not having all the option 1st edition had with regards to character creation. If given achoice over playing 1st edition or 2nd edition I'd go with 1st

Originally the 1st edition game was to have meta-story that would advance each year. If something like that was done I might be tempted to back a book.

One book I would back would be one to cover the 1st edition stuff that doesn't have a 2nd edition equivalent and add some assorted stuff the way the old Golden Comeback book did.

If you're looking for chargen options, I'll put in a gratuitous plug for my own 'generic template' which can be found in the New Archetypes thread. It lets you mix and match, giving FS II something like character build rules without templates.

I would love to see material on lots of different possible eras. Alternate futures, presents, pasts, etc. where different factions were in charge. On a bit of a wilder note, how about some alien invasion fu? The background of FS makes a "here to steal our resources" type of alien invasion pretty easy to fit into the game's framework - they're here to burn our feng shui sites!

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