FS2 new stuff, fan-made, stuff, etc.

Hey all - does anyone here know if there are any places online that has ongoing FS2 content? I have been playing in mulitple campaigns for the past four years & I would love to see if there are other fans out there working on homebrew adventures.


I've been running an ongoing FS2 campaign for the last several years, but it's a slightly non-standard setting (and thus we're using the non-FS-site-advancement rules), and contemporary-only, although I've also run some FS2 one-shots at our local games cafe's one-shot gaming nights. Afraid none of the material is online (although we run the campaign online), but I'll happily share some of the stuff I came up with for opponents and plots if anyone is interested. Some of the adventures are quite investigative, while others are more the classic series of fights.

So far we've only lost two player characters, although both were memorable, Mr Fong the Old Master (and owner of Fong's Takeaway) was taken out by a demonic mook's exploding roll while paying too much attention to taking down the sorcerer that had summoned it. And Charlie the Everyday Hero (barista, occasional waiter, and hobby comic artist) went down as a result of carrying out a Sacrificial Boost (clue's in the name) which did save another hero before being taken down by the same villain clubbing him with his now-empty Desert Eagle.

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Oh, and I did a bunch of conversions of more modern firearms, as although the timeline moved on, a lot of the weapons in the book are still fairly early 90s in setting, while my game is set in the late twenty-teens. (And in the UK, but in a UK with a timeline difference that allows licensed folk (i.e. plain-clothes police, bodyguards, rich people) to carry pistols.)