FS2 underworld?

Hello,I'm on the fence about getting FS2.From what I read/heard it sounds like the rules are pretty easy to learn and designed for action.I'm wanting to do some kind of action/horror for this halloween weekend and want to know if FS2 can do Underworld?Blade?Dog soldiers? Obviously looking to see if creating vampires/werewolves are possible within the game.Thanks

PS: Bonus points for anyone that already stated out them already

It's easy to do!

There's an archetype called "Supernatural Creature" which is any type of creature that has one human form and another monstrous form. So that would be your vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, any kind of monster that can transform.

Another archetype is called the "Exorcist Monk" and would be ideal for monster/werewolf/vampire hunters.

There's a "Ghost" archetype as well as a "Magic Cop", which is a police officer that knows about and can use magic or sorcery.

Those are just some of the options for player characters. For non-player characters like enemies, they're easy to stat out and you generally only need to know a handful of stats plus how much damage they do with an attack. In my games I often stat the enemies on the fly at the beginning of the combat rather than pre-designing them, it is that easy!

Thanks for the reply I did end buying the corebook today and will take a look at it tonight.

Awesome, enjoy!