Fully statted viktir

Apart from the example in Hedge Magic, are there any other fully statted viktir in Ars books?

I could do with a couple more viktir for my saga, and would prefer to use an existing stat block if possible. I'd also be interested in statted viktir from someone's saga, if they can be shared.

I don't think that there are any in the books. I made one years ago for a game but the character also had a fair number of infernal powers and, even if I by some miracle found my notes, creating a new character would probably be easier than deciphering them.

If you search "Magi of Tom" for "Vitkir" you get this list

There are 6 examples of Vitkir at the end of apprenticeship. They weren't advanced further because I never could decide if Vitki get 15xp/year (as per companions who have to work for a living) or if they need to spend comparatively little time working and qualify for 20 or 25/year like sahirs.

Thanks very much for the link, that looks really useful!

Firstly a request to my players - please don't read this :slight_smile:

I used one of the stat blocks from the Magi of Tom blog as the basis for making a much older vikti (Erik). In case anyone else would find this useful, I've written up his stats below (age 60). The xp may not add up 100%, as my campaign uses a slightly different skill list which I've adapted to the core book to be more useful for other games.

His vague backstory is a pagan vikti for fought and raided for many years alongside some of the last pagan kings of Sweden. After their defeat, he mostly gave up his warring ways, and settled down to raise a family and teach. With his gentle gift, he's able to interact with other vikti easily (this is where his Dagaz 'longevity ritual' comes from) and so he's also acted a link and conduit between different rune mages across the northern parts of Sweden.

In my game, this brought him to the attention of Phillipus Niger of Durenmar, who saw him as the leader of the 'Order of Odin'. Phillipus dispatched three magi from the Rhine to attack Erik when he traveled to the grave of his parens (buried in the pagan temple at Uppsala, which is now in a sealed faerie regio that only opens for a few days every couple of years). Erik came to an ignominious end - slain by botched Bind Wound spell after being incapacitated by repeated castings of Sling of Vilano. Erik's apprentices were taken captive (they used the stat block from Hedge Magic for a fully trained young vikti, and an unstatted teenage boy, who nonetheless managed to inflict several wounds on one of the magi with his fists before being subdued).

Characteristics: Int +2, Per 0, Pre 0, Com +2, Str 0, Sta +2, Dex -2, Qik -2
Size: 0

Age: 60 (Note, traded with another vikti for a Dagaz rune spell which gives +6 to aging rolls. This also gives 1 warping point per year).
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score : 2 (0)
Confidence Score 1(3)

Virtues and Flaws: The Gift; Vitki; Puissant Mannaz (free), Gentle Gift, Puissant Gebo, Improved Characteristics; Proud (major), Favours (other vikti, minor), Natt-thel Prone

Personality Traits: Proud +6, Dutiful +3, Brave +3
Reputations: None

Combat: Axe Init -4, attack +6, Defence +2, damage +6.
Soak: +8 (chain armour)

Fatigue levels: OK,-1,-3,-5,Unconscious
Wound penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), dead (21+)

Abilities: Norwegian 5 (West Norwegian), Old Norse 2(runes), Area Lore: Sweden 1 (warriors), Craft: Runes 2, Rune Magic 5 (Gebo), Awareness 2 (Alertness), Brawl 2 (Drunken), Charm 1 (vikti), Guile 1 (vikti), Folk ken 2 (vikti), Leadership 3 (vikti), Teaching 3 (vikti), Profession: Viking 4 (leading raids), Single Weapon 3 (Axe), Athletics 1 (climbing), Swimming 1 (at sea), Hunting 1 (deer), Intrigue 1 (vikti), Magic Lore 1 (norse legends), Faerie Lore 1 (norse legends)

Arts: A 6, B 7, D 0, E 0, F 0, G 14+3, H 0, I 2, J 0, K 0, L 0, M 10+3, N 0, Ng 7, O 2, P 7, R 0, S 7, T 4, Th 0, U 0, W 0, Y 0, Z 7.

Nat-thel scars: none

Equipment: chain armour, an axe, a small knife to carve runes with, chalk & charcoal to write runes with

Rune-Spells known
Erik Guthlacson leads warriors to glory (Mannaz II level 20, casting total +15). All people fighting with 10 paces of the rune function as a trained group.
Erik Guthlacson strengthen the swords of my allies (Tiwaz (Mannaz) II level 20, casting total +6) All people fighting with 10 paces of the rune get +4 to attack with swords.
I, Erik Guthlacson, am thrice-blessed (Gebo I, level 15, casting total +19) +3 to rolls when meeting & influencing others
I, Erik Guthlacson, am six-times-blessed (Gebo I, level 30, casting total +19) +6 to rolls when meeting & influencing others
I, Erik Guthlacson, speak with Odin’s Voice (Ansuz I, level 15, casting total +8). Gives +3 to all Communication-based rolls
I, Erik Guthlafcson, know the minds of men (Ansuz I, level 25, casting total +8). Can read the surface thoughts, and so understand the language of those nearby
Erik Guthlacson leads men to greatness (Mannaz II, level 20, casting total +15) All people within 10 paces of the rune get +6 to all rolls to work together as a group
Erik Guthlacson gives the gift of obligation (Gebo II, level 30, casting total +19). The rune is inscribed on a piece of jewelry, given as a gift. When the gift is worn, the target is compelled to obey Erik, generally deferring to his judgement in all things that aren't obviously dangerous or against the wearer's own interests.
I, Erik Guthlacson, recognize the creatures that haunt my people (Ansuz I, level 20, casting total +8) Lets him recognise the form associated with the Might of any creature within 10 paces.
I, Erik Guthlacson, defy Gullveig (Algiz (Perth) II, level 10, casting total +9). Wards all hostile magic within 10 paces from affecting the viktir. Does not work against creatures, only spells and powers.
I, Erik Guthlacson, defy my foes (Algiz (Mannan) II , level 10, casting total +9).Wards all people within 10 paces from affecting the viktir.
I, Erik Guthlacson, sense the sleeping alfar (Perth I, level 20, casting total +9) The viktir can sense vis within 10 paces, and recognise which rune it is attuned to.
I, Erik Guthlacson, see with fearful clarity (Sowilo I, level 20, casting total +9). The viktir can see through illusions of up to level 20, and can see through regiones as he had Second Sight.
I, Erik Guthlacson, feel my hearth & home (Ingwaz I, level 20, casting total +9). The vikti can sense the approximate direction and distance of his family members, and their approximate emotional state
I, Erik Guthlacson, ease the woes of childbirth (Ingwaz I, level 20, casting total +9). Wearing this rune ensures that childbirth is easy and the baby is safe, so long as the rune is worn throughout pregnancy
I, Erik Guthlacson, bless the fields (Jera I, level 5, casting total +2) The field will yield a healthy and robust harvest that is unusually resistant to disease, drought and insects

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