Funniest Canon Initiation

I never quite caught this before. Take a look at the top two suggested levels of the Legion of Mithras. An initiate has just reached the penultimate suggested level for a player.

Mystagogue: "Now you will learn the secrets of making your own body or mind your talisman."

The initiate learns Inscription on the Soul. Cool! Now the initiate enchants his/her body/mind as a talisman to take advantage of this new Virtue. Things are going well. The initiate likes this new Virtue and is progressing to the ultimate suggested level for a player.

Mystagogue: "OK, now you will sacrifice your talisman to gain even greater understanding and power."
Initiate: "Say what???" :open_mouth:


Cool. I must admit I hadn't noticed that. :slight_smile:

Initiate to mystagogue:
So... Have you actually succed? So you are not longer a human? ReVi 40 !!!!! Right now! :laughing:

Some time later...

Initiate to other cultists : the mystagogue says that.... :smiling_imp:

And this is one call for David Chart and Erratas thing...

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Now, these initiations into deeper mysteries? This is what you call having a mind-blasting revelation

Just because I stumbled upon this one myself: Sacrificing a talisman doesn't mean it has to be destroyed. Disenchanting works as well. :wink:

Yeah, but it's funnier to read.

But you are right.